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Thread: Explosions in Boston at end of Boston Marathon

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  1. Default Explosions in Boston at end of Boston Marathon 
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    Aug 2003
    Just found out that there were 2 explosions in Boston at the finish line. Turn to your national news or online at Yahoo.com

    This is not a April joke.

    Dan Augusto

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

  3. Default Here is the crazy thing... 
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    Mar 2009
    the news media was repeatedly...even the morning after still saying the DOW's dive yesterday was a result of the bombing. It wasn't! Look for yourself at the charts. Stocks sold off...and gold lost 9% yesterday on China's news their GDP was going to be down more than inticipated. China owns our debt...markets tanked. Yes they did slip a little farther after the bombs went off but about 1/5th of what news of China brought.

    So our overzealous news media wanting something to report on the bombing early on when few facts known went on and on about the DOW & gold plunging yesterday. SO...the wannabe heros of Allah who want their 30 virgins are hearing this. WOW! Two little bombs did that to the DOW....I CAN BE A HERO....where my turbin and bomb vest. They hit the World Trade Center a couple times before they were finally able to take it down. And it did affect our economy.

    And what is really crazy is they were still repeating it yet today! And todays recovery is being passed off as that the bombing was a small one and no other attacks have happened. Lets just give Habeeb an engraved invitation to do it again. And if he was paying attention and slept through Bomb Building for Allah 101, the media SHOWED how to use a cell phone today to detonate...not just that they are used...but how.

    Ok for those out there that are not interested in above but love conspiracy I'll throw you a bone as well. You see yesterday was tax day. And Obama did not want you to hear how bad the news was in China yesterday. And saw the DOW plummeting on news of China who loans us money till our our stupidity is momentarily satisfied. Not good to have tax payers hear this on tax day when our national debt and our future unfunded obligations for S.S. & Medicare now equal about $500,000 per household right now. (I took off $50,000 for descrepency...wouldn't want any Dems quibbling over me figure being too high) So for you conspiracy hacks Obama had the bombing take your eyes away from China and our debt. Of course he was hoping for a longer lasting and bigger hit to the DOW FROM the bombing to add to China's part of drop. Just give him more wiggle room to usher in more stimulus money saying it is because of the hit our economy took from terrorist attack. Simpletons are so easy to distract and charm with printing more money. Simpletons in the media are putty in his hand. And yesterday FOX was just as bad on reporting of DOW's plunge from the bombing.

    Wicked Farmer

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