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Thread: work on the haunt today here some image

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    I agree with everything you said. I think the problem is not that there are low quality shows because some people will go to these kinds of shows because they feel they are less scary and threatening than the big haunts out there.

    The problem is that same low budget haunt will put down the big haunts and claim to be the best and scariest haunt in their market. I've seen it many times before when a bad new haunt will make the claim of being great and take shots at the proven popular haunts and then you pay the same amount of cash only to see a bunch of twelve year olds in black shrouds, white sneakers and clown masks on, jumping out at you. These are the ones that kill the forward momentum of a market.

    People will be told this new haunt is great and go and realize its lame and using homemade props and costumes or Spirit Halloween props and then many customers get turned off from going to any other haunts because they now think they all suck and make false claims.

    Since I'm not an owner, but rather a very active customer of haunts I have keen insight to this because I spend a lot if time on haunt websites and visiting shows and I have seen it all and heard it all. I've talked to literally thousands of guests while waiting in lines and I know a lot of the info owners would love to know, real opinions and thoughts on shows. People are much more honest with each other as guests than they are with an owner of a haunt. I've toured bad shows with guests and as we exited an employee would ask our group what we thought and they'd say oh it was great but the whole time and on the way back to the cars they'd be saying how much it sucked and not worth it.

    But anyway it's not the quality of the show its how you promote it that could hurt everyone. If you are a small low budget show, let people know and people will still support you. Just don't lie to the public and tell them you are great and scary and the next big thing then throw out garbage to the consumer. That's been way to prevalent in this industry for too long.

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