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Again I ask where did he say he was a "professional" for profit haunt?
That being said, no you do not have to have a hundred thousand in animatronics to be a great haunt! Have we become so jaded that we don't think we can't put on a good show if don't look like Disneyland? We are haunts people and our main job is to scare! If we have good eye candy at the same time that is even better but it is not the whole package. I pride myself on having great detailed sets while my partners main goal is getting that amazing great scare. But I never belittle or put down anyone for what they have be it a small home haunt or a huge professional one. We are all in the same game here. Constructive ideas are great like some have done here, but putting someone down is just not nice.
When did anyone say animations are scary? They are a distraction and adds production value. Are you saying this haunt here would be scarier than one with animations? Do you think great actors will be working here? Please give one example in the top 25 rated haunts that do not use animations and builds detailed sets? It is no surprise the best haunts with best actors also have great sets and lots of animatronics.

No one is trying to put mud down but his work is not up to the standards set by this industry over the past few decades. As Howie said it is embarrassing to have it shown on a forum supposedly of pros. To think otherwise is ridiculous.