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Thread: work on the haunt today here some image

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    Feb 2010
    Aim still here and I see lot you hating coz I Aim making the woods at the haunt I act at look good and if it look like crap like you all are saying I do not see any one here helping me out on getting stuff to make look like all the big haunt so if you have some to say now and go for it Aim going to do what I love no one can stop me.

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    Aug 2006
    Way to go mud

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX

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    Jul 2012
    Mount Pleasant, MI
    You nailed it, Mud!

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    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    I would suggest maybe some night time lighted scenes w fog ect. Maybe you can give us a better feel of what your haunt would be like going through it. I would only take pics of unique or most detailed scenes. Maybe throw in an actor in costume ect. Haunting is interesting to me at any level!
    Damon Carson

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    Mar 2010
    Mesa, AZ
    Good for you Mud!
    Do your best, and do what you love.


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    Sep 2009
    Well we all have opinions and they are just that, opinions. With that said I do not have a mega haunt and am just a home haunter that has always loved haunts of any kind, size or budget. Annually some friends and myself take what we call our annual haunt tour and take a couple nights and make as many haunts as we can around our area (North Alabama) some haunts that this has included are: Disturbia, Atrox, Lester Hospital, Arx Mortis, etc..

    Now while all of these are great haunts in their own different way one thing to keep in mind is that being "scary" is subjective, snakes and spiders bother some people and clowns bother others. One year on our tour there was a haunt way off the beaten path near Birmingham called Barns of Horror, this place was a FD charity haunt and had cheesy props and bad masks but I have to say in my opinion was the scariest haunt that I have ever been to due to the environments and the elements of wonder, unknown and surprise.

    Oh and one more thing while already mentioned by someone earlier, I'm not sure if this is your final layout or not Mud but if so then I would reconsider the stakes you're using for your border tape, safety always first, it will be dark, scary and disorienting and the last thing you want is someone to get hurt. At my home haunt that I spend over a month on building and I spend an awful lot of that time securing things and making sure anything that could get someone hurt is made to be safe.

    Finally with all this said, keep your head up Mud and keep doing what you do and love, heck I would say that you show more determination than most to be already working on your haunt this early in the year, I wish I had that kind of motivation, so 2 thumbs up from me.
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    I'll say this... If I were walking through the forest and stumbled onto this scene, I would be FREAKED OUT. So... Well done! :wink:

    ___Lee George / 215.525.1300 x129 / LeeGeorge@TicketLeap.com

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    Aug 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by FROG ZOMBIE View Post
    I'll say this... If I were walking through the forest and stumbled onto this scene, I would be FREAKED OUT. So... Well done! :wink:
    Really? Really? Either this Is this lip service or you are every haunted house actors dream come true because you'd be the worlds easiest mark. I think more than any guest, an insurance agent would really be most frightened by these scenes. Offering encouragement is a good thing but there are limits.

    Mudsticky keep working and having fun with it but for the sake of all of us please consider safety first. Because the smallest haunt could have a tragedy and that will ripple all the way up to the guys with everything on the line.

    It's better to be safe than sorry.


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    Nov 2009
    Mud your are right that there has not been a lot of help. I know a lot of haunters that garbage pick, Goodwill, salvage, and garage sales. I have seen some of the coolest stuff come from the curb of someone else's house. I think a lot of people got scared by you stakes and caution tape, I do believe you were just doing it for layout. I f you need any thing and don't want to make it public then PM me and I will help. Allen is good for that too but he is very busy at times, so it can take a little time for him to get back with people.

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