As a web developer, let me throw my two cents in here to hopefully help everyone thinking about their website and potential users.


Now that doesn't mean that you can't have a great site. You just need to find a great developer using the new standards and tech. Flash is an outdated, memory taking plugin that even Adobe (The maker of Flash) is moving away from to embrace new standards like HTML 5. You need to find a developer that uses HTML 5 and stuff like JQuery to deliver a great looking website that is cross platform. Meaning that the same website will work and display correctly no matter if your looking at it on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android, or any device that has a web browser.
You can still deliver video and other multimedia elements, just without the lead weight around your neck that's flash.

Why would you spend $2,000+ on a website that only a small percentage of your target customers can access?? Mobile is becoming the new, if not already, standard. Develop your websites that can be served on all these devices. Don't just go for the bells and whistles because it looks cool, but develop a great looking website that can actually be accessed by people on the device they choose. It reminds me of all the news articles I saw the last couple of years about restaurant websites that only are only built in Flash, so the thousands of users trying to access their website to look at their menus on iPhones and other mobile devices were not able to. You lose of on a lot of potential users. And with Mobile becoming the new standard, it's not something to ignore.

Have your website created using the new standards. If your web guy can't or doesn't know them, it's time get a new web guy that is keeping up with and looking towards new standards. It's no different than if you were to hire a contractor that doesn't know the new building codes. You wouldn't do it for your house or haunt, don't do it for your website. It's the first thing your customers will see and use, so don't give them a crap experience right off the bat.