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Thread: Help a fellow haunter if you can!

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    Mar 2010
    I'm not interested in reading the novel this head became but.....I can't help myself from saying....


    It's okay Shane, I understand how hurt this whole Paula Dean thing has made you, and we, as a community are here for you!

    (Ohhhh I'm either gonna get a verbal bitchap or a big freakin LOL for that!) haha I couldn't resist Shane, sorry!

  2. Default Bobby! 
    LMAO that too!!!! Now don't get me started! Shane and it's ughhhhhhhh!

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    Nov 2009
    We still love you Shane, maybe not as much as Paula Dean, but there is still love there. Can you cook like Paula?

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    Nov 2008
    See it's weird because I PAY for insurance. 104 a month as an employee of a company, or 189 a month as an individual, and it would have covered everything you have gone through.

    Guess you shouldn't have skipped the part of the lesson where insurance is a necessary evil for issues like this.

    Shit luck, but you brought most of these medical issues onto yourself.

  5. Default is this a bad time to ask???? 
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    Jun 2013
    for backers for my Kickstarter art project? I won't lie I need $$$ for fencing materials, new tombstones, pigs blood, and lighting. I'm down for any amount.

  6. Default No one is bashing! 
    We all are trying to say we do not need to see this anymore Howie. Why continue being an ass if you put as much effort in finding a job as you do here trying to force your problems on everyone else you would be a CEO of a company! No one needs this you just can't seem to let it go even though you said you would not post anymore. Again just move on and focus on what's important and that's getting healthy, finding a job, and focusing on your child. Shane and it's please for the last time we got the message!

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    Jul 2005
    Cincinnati, OH
    Spooky Wishes

    City Blood: Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana's #1 Haunt Site!


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    Oct 2007
    There it is. Noah wins first place for best post of 2013 to me.


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    May 2007
    Clinton Twp, Michigan
    You should all be happy now! I deleted all my posts like you wanted!

    To the friends on this board who supported me, I thank you more than you will ever know, from the bottom of my heart! Those on the board who wanted to but just can't. Thank you too as well. Many of you at least wished me well and said that you care about me. To the people who would never give me anything for any reason. It's OK I understand and am sorry you have so many problems with me. To who ever I upset, angered, insulted or anything else that I have been accused of, I am sorry and never meant to do that.

    However, to the people on this board who ripped me and criticized me and put me down, and called me names, and who were verbally assaulting me, and who acted more childish than ever could. I hope you take a long look at yourselves in the mirror and think, "what would I do if I come down with more than 5 disibilatating health problems and diseases, all within 3 years. I am forced to sell my haunted attraction because I am too ill to do things up to par the way my customers deserve. Are hospitalized several different times in horrible pain. Have surgeries to fix the pain that do not work. Live every day of your life for over 3 years in remarkable pain. Then slowly start losing everything you have ever worked for. Your savings, your furniture, all of your valuables your truck, your house and your family." What lengths would you go to in order to try to prevent this from happening?. You would do everything you could even down as low as to ask for help from the people who you have cared about, supported and spent your life around for almost 30 years. For a handful of them to slap you in the face and put you down for what ever reason and not give two poops about wether you live or die. I'll tell ya, it's a great feeling. I hope that none of you ever have to go through this. But if you do, I hope you remember how you talked to me and put me down and criticized my efforts to try to save his family, and think wow, maybe I treated him a bit harsh. Maybe he was just trying to help his family.

    NO, I am not dyeing from Cancer yet. But I am suffering and in severe pain every day. I am sorry that I had no choice and I regret ever thinking that people in this industry cared for another veteran of this community.

    Sincerely ,

    Howie "Slobber" Erlich
    1986-1997 (Mutilation Mansion,) 1998 (Screamers Haunted House,) 1999 (Evil Intention Haunted House,) 2000-2001 Concept Creator/Business Partner (Urban Legends Haunted House,) 2002 Floor Plan Designer and Consultant for a (Haunted Barn) Owners had city challenges & were never able to open, 2002 Floor Plan Designer/Construction (Fright Nights Haunted House) 2003-2012 Now retired Owner (Deadly Intentions Haunted Attraction)

  10. Default Howie 
    I think I speak for us all we wish you well!!!!! Just always remember YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THIS WORLD WHO IS DOWN ON THEIR LUCK OR WILL YOU BE THE LAST ONE SADLY! When things get better come back and fill us in so we can all smile and say whewwwww glad that's over and he's doing so much better! And all of Howies friends you all know you can call, email or talk to him on Facebook Shane and it's good luck!

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