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Thread: Help a fellow haunter if you can!

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  1. Default Howie 
    If anything here this should make you feel better that many just proved my point! There are so many far worse off than you. Shane and it's I still wish the best for you!

  2. Default Really all of this..... 
    All of this because I asked him to stop telling people their sorry or don't care because they can't donate or donate more! WTH is this dude? He can type message after message on his health and find every reason in the world why he can't work but he clearly has nothing wrong with his hands!!!! Does this look like a sick man to you? This is just one of several where he messaged me and I replied. Again I'm simply asking him to stop! Now I think more is going on than we all know or care to know........ Everyone asked him to chill yet this is a man who needs help paying his bills? He needs help in the head! All because I asked him nicely to chill I was very caring and concerned but dang!!!! I feel as I was nice and tried to be as tasteful as I could until he ticked me off and I let him have it but did you guys think I was in the wrong for asking him to chill? He's removed all of his comments but the ones who have seen what he put can say I was being nice, caring and was concerned for everyone involved? Shane and it's you make the call!

    Yow win! Happy now you dumb fuck? You are a total scum bag! You are as uncaring as anyone can be. You make assumptions based on nothing. I won't respond anymore because you simply are not worth my time anymore. But let me just say one last thing, Karma is a bitch and the type of self absorbed, unknowledgeable person who gets some sick pleasure out trying to run down someone who wether you believe it or not has stated nothing but the truth about my problems, will surely find out all about Karma, if your god actually exists. Your next confession you may want to ask your priest if how you treated me the last two days god would approve of. Your a real good Christian man aren't you? I can only pray now that you face the challenges that I am going through someday. In fact at this point, I hope your haunted house which I now remember you don't care what your customers think of, roof comes boldly crashing down upon your head. But, I hope it doesn't kill you, instead I hope it leaves you paralyzed and unable to work for 3 years. Then I'll text you to get a fucking job!

    I forgive you of you ignorance, god be with you!

  3. Default Im done 
    You make the call. I still feel sorry for this guy because he's not playing with a full deck and like I say I have never removed a post that's Larry's call even though I can. I got complaints and I addressed it and been catching hell from him ever since. It's more to me than meets the eye but I addressed that with him in private messages ( after he contacted me ) and did not do it here but I am past dealing with this Larry or Allen can take up from here. Shane and it's I tried and now I am tired!

  4. Default  
    Join Date
    Oct 2007
    After reading that message, wishing you get paralyzed, plus with the multitude of typos lol I say he gets banned.


  5. Default  
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    May 2007
    Clinton Twp, Michigan
    All the people who are judging me based on one persons opinion should really think about the fact that he tells and shows you what he wants you to see and hear. If anyone would like to see the PM's that he sent me and the responses I sent him, please PM me. I will be glad to show you. He criticized me while I was trying to do the only thing left to do, ask for help. I was encouraged to put a post updating my situation from 2 respected community leaders who are trying to help me out. That is what I did. I had not posted anything about this in the last month prior except to answer one persons question. He shows you the last response to one of his PM's that sounded and actually was in very poor taste. But after all the name calling and accusations he made of me in the other PM's I finally lost it. He has had some sort of vendetta against me for a long time. Just search older threads and look at some of his responses to me in the past. I may be a lot of things, but I am not a liar, scammer or crazy. I apologize to anyone offend by that private message that Shane felt the need to show you. I refrained from showing the one ones he sent me, But as I said I will gladly show anyone who wants to them, just ask.

    He, for some reason is simply trying to make me look like a bad guy. Don't be sheep and believe everything he tells you because a lot of it is complete BS. I came hear to ask for some help in a time of need, from a community of which I have been a part of for 27 years. Do I know that other people have it harder than me? Of course, I never suggested any different. Do I know that most people are having their own problems? Of course, I never suggested they didn't. Did I demand people give me money? Absolutely not in fact I made it quite clear in almost every post that if you had a few extra buck to help, I could really use some help, that's all. I do not know what is so horrible about that. I only became defensive after I was being criticized and called names like anyone would do. In my update I made it perfectly clear that this would be my final time posting about my situation. But Shane just could not let it go. He still can't let it go. He continued sending PM's and posting how much of a con man I must be, even after I asked him repeatedly to remove the entire thread if it was upsetting people. As he keeps telling everyone, he has the power to do so but is choosing not to. The only reason is to keep spurring on hatred towards me. I am not the one who won't let it go. He just seems to always need the last word.

    I am sick. I can't work. I have tried everything I can to help my own situation. And simply asked for help from anybody who could. Once again, I ask Shane, Larry or who ever else has the power, to please remove this thread so nobody has to be hurt or offended any more. And if the powers be find that I am such a horrible person that deserves to be removed from this site, than I guess I will just have to accept that as well.

    It would be nice if some of the people on this board who know me and my real situation could please stand up and make a post on my behave so that people do not have to believe what Shane is spouting off about me. Please someone tell the truth about my conditions and my abilities at this point of my life. maybe the vendors who asked me to post the update or anyone of you who I personally know. If not I understand that you don't want to get involved and be shunned by the community.

    In any case, I still appreciate the people who have helped me and who have wished me well. I hold nothing against anyone except someone who has made it his person mission to cause me ever more pain.

    Howie "I am not a liar" Erlich
    1986-1997 (Mutilation Mansion,) 1998 (Screamers Haunted House,) 1999 (Evil Intention Haunted House,) 2000-2001 Concept Creator/Business Partner (Urban Legends Haunted House,) 2002 Floor Plan Designer and Consultant for a (Haunted Barn) Owners had city challenges & were never able to open, 2002 Floor Plan Designer/Construction (Fright Nights Haunted House) 2003-2012 Now retired Owner (Deadly Intentions Haunted Attraction)

  6. Default  
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    Nov 2008
    Enough. Jesus enough. Stop this stupid posting war.

  7. Default  
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    Jul 2005
    Cincinnati, OH
    Spooky Wishes

    City Blood: Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana's #1 Haunt Site!


  8. Default I made my point! 
    Howie I never said I did not respond but every thing you have is a response to messages you SENT ME! Like I said I only responded to your messages and you right I slammed you! I Don't deny it one bit!. Guys like I say I am done I made my point. I still see this as a scam because no one in his shape can keep this up! Shane and it's I am done from this point!

  9. Default  
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    Aug 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Jolly Pumpkin View Post
    Noah your time is impeccable yet again!


  10. Smile  
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    Jul 2011
    Mt. Olive, NC
    I just want someone to laugh at my last reply. I thought it was funny as hell when i typed it.

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