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Thread: Help a fellow haunter if you can!

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    LMAO good all of you!!!! LMAO now we all have laughed lol!

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    Jul 2011
    Mt. Olive, NC
    I am the one that called bullshit to start with. Look at the 1st page of this post.

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    Nov 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Marr Branch View Post
    Give me money. My dick bends to the left because I masturbate with my right hand all the time. The whore down the street said she could straighten it out for 100 bucks. Can you please spare a dime?

    Wow, that's so weird tho... cus i'm right handed and my twists to the RIGHT! Though I twist it to the left during, .... explain that one!


    Shane and it's.... Ohh wait, I'm not Shane :P

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    Jul 2011
    Mt. Olive, NC
    Now I remember why I should not drink and post on Hauntworld.

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    Mar 2013
    He lost my support when he wrote, "Frankly, it seems the ones who are complaining, could afford to send a little help our way but will never do that." Really dude? Really? Shane was right to shut this child up.

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    This thread has been a crappy volitile thread from inception. for two weeks it has been quiet- please dont post on it- especially if your comment has the chance to stir the wasps nest up again.

    Please no one else post on this.
    Allen H

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