2013-04-29 08.07.49.jpg
This Idea was based on this picture from inside my black book.

Here is a costume idea that reminds me of something out of the Jim Henson early days of puppetry. I figure someone in hauntland might like to try this out to see if they could get it to work. The idea consists of two actors inside the same costume. This costume is a spider. Each limb of the spider an actor uses his arm or leg. Each arm and leg is attached to a stilt making this a giant spider costume.

2013-04-29 08.09.26.jpg

I drew out two people and how I thought they might be positioned. The top actor should be lightweight and the bottom actor stronger. The stilts will keep the top actor off the back of the bottom actor as they might be a little longer. The actors should be connected somehow as to not accidentally separate.

A communication system will be needed for each actor. Also, along with practice, a walking pattern might need to be established to look like a spider.

This idea would be cool if someone out there got it to work.