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Thread: HauntCon

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    Nov 2009
    I went and have no major complaints, I do like looking at new products but TW takes that spot for most vendors. I had fun and enjoyed the smaller feel to the show, you left the show feeling that I had a bunch of new friends. As with all shows there is always things you want changed but nothing that is a show stopper for me.

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    My business partner and I went to HAuNTcon this year and had an amazing time. We learned so much and enjoyed the haunt tours. I personally didn't go to buy stuff. I went to be reenergized for the 2013 season. Success! We are more excited about our haunt than we have ever been and I believe alot of that is due to our positive experience at HAuNTcon.
    We are hoping for a southeastern city in 2014. If so, not only are we coming back, but we are bringing our core staff.

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    May 2007
    I always felt kind of a little us and them mentality here, at least as far as HAUNTWORLD and HAUNTED ATTRACTION. I am a little sensitive to things like this, maybe I am misreading everything. But someone had April's Fool Joked about Leonard buying up Larry's empire, it was supposed to be a little surprising or shocking-- It felt a little like a jab to me. That said, I don't know what the relationships are between Larry and Leonard and wouldn't want to assume anything. Maybe Leonard is just being extra cautious to not appear as if he's stepping on Larry's toes. Maybe Leonard steers clear to avoid any appearances of impropriety.

    Leonard is a wealth of information and has done a lot to further this industry too. If he has never been welcomed with open arms to this site, maybe it is time that he is.

    I am not on the inside track to know the answer to all this, but I'm sure someone out there knows. Anyone???

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    that is an old odg that is currently sleeping. I would love it if we let it lie. Larry has been warmer in recent years andeven promoted/posted about hauntcon in the past. So as all situations do it is evolving.

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    Feb 2010
    S Wisconsin
    I have been to both, didn't make this year hauntcon, made transworld. Comparing the two is like comparing apples an oranges. I go to hauntcom for the classes, different tours every year, and the fun and camaraderie. transworld is to look at all the new cool stuff and buy things.
    What is so great about hauntcon is that it is in different areas every year. The haunt tour is fantastic. Like said before, it is nice to see the whole gamut of haunts, not just the cream. I like the classes better too, considering they are free and there is many.
    I think each has its place, and enjoy them both, just for different reasons.
    I want to try and make mhc this year, not sure funds and work will allow.
    As a whole, I would say I enjoy hauntcon way more than transworld, but transworld has the sales floor, so you have to go to it.

    happy haunting everyone

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    May 2007
    Thanks for clarifying, Allen. Didn't want to stir anything up, just not in the loop.

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    St. Louis, MO
    Couple more things here...

    Talked to Cutting Edge Haunted House and they reported about 500 people from Hauntcon attended their haunted house. Obviously the trade show floor was probably the smallest ever but obviously people liked the seminars and the tours.

    Now to do some clarification here... I have NOTHING against Hauntcon or Leonard in fact just the opposite. I have talked to Leonard multiple times about this show and encouraged him to go more on a limb and promote the event more. I'm a big believer if you don't take risks you'll never experience any rewards... you can't go around hoping or expecting that something great is just going to happen without a maximum effort. I believe 110% that no all out effort is being made to promote this event to its fullest, therefore the tradeshow aspect continues to decline. At some point I think you have to either just say that this is a haunt tour event, with seminars, and parties with no tradeshow floor at all, or you need to do a better job promoting the show to the industry and whomever else you deem as potential targets. These are facts... undisputed in fact.

    I for one want this show to succeed because the idea that you can go see haunts in different cities is very appealing because it puts the spotlight on different owners, different markets and new fresh faces each year. Now people say and I think Leonard himself has said maybe it doesn't do as well as the other shows because its feet aren't planted in the ground like Transworld or MHC for example... and I say humbug, its lack of effort all out blitzkrieg marketing just isn't done here. This show needs to be marketed sooner, harder, more in depth, turn up all the stones, and let the haunts from those markets sell the event!!! If I took over this event I can assure the attendance would triple in the first year, because I wouldn't take the build it and they will come approach... I want Hauntcon gets bigger and better, and I hope the cities, the haunts, and the owners can help Hauntcon promote this event better.

    Its not just Leonard doing a poor job its the haunts that get toured they could do more themselves to help sell the event... its an all around the board, get everyone on board approach that needs to happen. I want the show to succeed if I didn't I wouldn't be mentioning any of this ...

    Bottom line pick a BIG MARKET for next year... go big or go home! Then make the haunts themselves help promote the event, get an early jump, put the peddle to the meddle and never let off and then yes start all over again! Maybe someone will say they are not doing a poor job, okay maybe that is the wrong choice of words. So let me put it another way,,, its not being done on the level that I personally would take this show, how I personally would turn up the heat to a boil, and its certainly not the level or anything close to what Transworld is doing. You don't have to have TW money to promote this show you need the effort to take advantage of everything you know and everything you can do to make it the most successful secondary show of the year.

    I could post a LONG list of things Hautcon could do to boost attendance, hell I could do the same for ALL these shows every single one, so I hope Hauntcon will do better next year and beyond because the overall concept of the show can be very important to our industry.


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