Hey Guys,

Haven't posted on here for awhile because I have been so insanely busy, but I just wanted to say a GIANT Thank You to EVERYONE who I met and finally put a face to the name after being on this board for years at Transworld. It was my first time ever attending TW and I was there as a vendor with my best friend and business partner, and we did surprisingly alright for our first time and are proud to say ALL TRANSWORLD ORDERS ARE FILLED! We worked around the clock, yes that meant sacrificing valuable forum time, to make sure we had happy customers!

We have national Haunters convention this weekend and really hope we can see some more of you there!

If anyone needs anything off the site or a custom, (which we've done more of than I can count already lol) don't be shy! We'd love to help you out and can guarantee a quick and promising delivery!


DecimatedDesigns.com and find us on Facebook.com/GetDecimated and twitter at GetDecimated