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Thread: Undying Gratitude to you

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  1. Default Undying Gratitude to you 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    The Story of Gore!

    YOu know, I have been apart of this industry for over 30 years now.
    I have been haunting since I was 15 with a local charity haunt.
    They are still small but opened me to the opportunity to do something like this for a living.
    I did everything from being the head prop maker, but also scene design, floor plans, actor motivation, fire evacuation, fire safety, character design, body mechanics, etc....

    16 years ago, On the behalf of this group I was at a local novelty mask shop and the owner told me about a tradeshow. And said we should attend as buyers because it would open us up to a whole new world of ideas.
    So, we attended the Transworld Halloween and Party show the following season. I could not believe what I saw, and was amazed but also knew at that moment my calling. To start a business of building props and giant costumes for the Haunted House industry.
    The following year we were an exhibitor. Pics attached.

    Well, here it is 15 years later, and ALL I can say is "I am whole heartedly Grateful to ALL of you". This industry has been so extremely supportive. We could NOT be what we are without your support. Everything I have is due to this industry.
    And ALL I know at this point is this was my fate. I was brought into this world to create things that go bump in the night. Everything that has happened in my life has led me and my company to this very moment. Every person I have met, befriended, hired, and fired has taught me something to make me better at what I do. Every job I have had has taught me something valuable I apply to my business. Every single thing I have had to endure has led me to this very place. And I could not be more happy to be able to do what we do for you.

    But we are at another turning point. Hopefully within a couple weeks I should be coming back here and announcing some life and business changing news. Then we will see where it goes from here!

    SO, THANK YOU!!!!!!
    YOU are the Reason we are able to do what we do!
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  2. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    I have gotten a couple messages from concerned haunters thinking something bad may be happening.
    But please know this is not the case.
    As a matter of fact we are waiting on some exciting news.
    I think most know there is a potential that we may have our own reality show.
    Well, that is the news we are waiting on.
    So hopefully within a couple weeks we will have the GO.
    We are that close to knowing.
    sizzle reels and demo reels were shot and taken to film conferences and everyone loved them. The pilot has been filmed and cut together. It has been presented to the networks. The production company says we are in the fast track and thinks this show could be something special.
    The news won't change how our company works, but it does force us to develop our custom production schedule to fit filming.

    But the main part of all this is that I am seriously grateful to this industry for the life I have been able to live.
    And I just wanted to express that.

    If you didn't know it, GRATITUDE is the secret to happiness.
    Express it regularly and mean it and good things will come.
    No joke!

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    Rock on Kevin! I remember seeing your booth for the first time in....1997 I think. Im glad you are still around and happy to see how much you have grown.
    Allen H

  4. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

    We have been offered 9 shows so far... yeah 9. We have not agreed to any of them because I just don't see how you can get any work done. I watched Distortions at my place and over 50% of their time was spent working on that stuff, where as without that stuff we could have built the St. Louis Arch.

    Oddly enough we are being offered another one right NOW! They sort of own your life to some degree so I don't know.

    I don't think its all its cracked up to be nor do I think its life changing for the better... for everyone to know what its your garbage to everything over there it makes you somewhat a target.

    Again I don't know.

    I'm talking to one company and if this concept was a go I would actually consider it... we would do a restaurant impossible type of deal where we would renovate in a short period of time peoples haunted houses. Who wouldn't want us to come and help you turn your haunt around? I can honestly say and I mean this... if we came to help your haunt that would be life changing for someone who struggles. I have no doubt that I could help ANYONE turn their haunt around quickly. That sounds fun to do because it would be helping people.

    No matter what you choose to do I hope it helps your company and your family in the long run!


  5. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    I totally get where you are coming from.
    I know exactly what the issues could be, and it has kept me at arms length from something like this.
    We have been approached more times than I can count.
    But something feels different this time.

  6. Default  
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    Jan 2008
    Magnolia Springs, AL.
    I think the entertainment and humor of this show would be the other ''wow'' factor, go for it Kevin.

  7. Default  
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    Nov 2003
    I too was asked to do a reality show but they had in the contract I would need to keep my clothes on at all times during filming, I said your not changing the way I work on my haunt, and it fell thru. Kevin never put your clothes on for anyone , be you , lol


  8. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    Luray, VA
    I've heard people say on this board, and others, that reality tv shows are bad for a business. I've had doubts about the idea myself. What I'd be interested to know is if there are some examples of this fact. I've never seen or heard any concrete evidence. Does anyone have any examples?

    Louis Brown
    Owner, operator, and dish washer
    DarkWood Manor

  9. Default  
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    Jul 2012
    Mount Pleasant, MI
    "American Chopper" made OCC's business increase beyond their wildest dreams. It made them rich and famous. But then it also basically ruined their family, and split up their working relationship too.

  10. Default Well 
    If it's fun do it and if not don't. I still think one around some Industry Haunters like 4 or 5 haunts around the country ( like on ax man, swamp people ect because they sip across the country) would be entertaining! Shane and it's good luck!!!

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