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Thread: Frightprops POW stick

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  1. Default Frightprops POW stick 
    Join Date
    Nov 2011
    Used only 2 weekends. (Didn't trust the new actor with it. Kept aiming at people's heads. Was later fired)

    Paid $70

    Asking $60 Shipped

    Here's a link to FP site.

    Btw, if you want to trade? I'm up. items I can use listed below:

    Latex (old casting latex, last of tub acceptable)
    LED Lights
    UltraCal 30
    Sculpting Clay (water or oil)
    Masks / Costuming
    Props; Chains plastic or foam, Meat Hooks (I know, can make), body parts etc
    Anything I list obviously can be used etc. Like the sculpting clay, old latex, anything that you don't want to throw away but can't really use etc.

    I'm having to start over from scratch with LITTLE MONEY! Once I purchase the tractor trailer vans, I'm gonna be BROKE BROKE BROKE! I'm selling stuff to help build, and my 22hr /wk job is going to have to suffice to get it going.
    Last edited by Frightener; 05-02-2013 at 04:04 PM.

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    Nov 2008
    Am forwarding this to a few of my friends here in PA

  3. Default  
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    Nov 2011
    Thanks bub. I could use the help

  4. Default hmm 
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    Jun 2012
    Dallas, Texas, United States
    I had 2 of these last year and they both only lasted 1 night. Anyone know how to fix them?

    Choose Your Path!
    Dan's Haunted House
    Fear IS In Everything!

  5. Default  
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    Nov 2008
    Dan, they have a PDF file at the bottom of the link on how to adjust and maintain.

    If they still don't work after adjustment, try calling them directly?

    Frightener I'll see what my friends say.


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    Mar 2012
    You should have bought from Pure Terror. Thiers is totally different and heavy duty internals...


  7. Default  
    How do you purchase from Pure terror? I dont see that they sell anything. Is it pureterror.com?

  8. Default  
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    Jan 2008
    Magnolia Springs, AL.

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