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Thread: Reality Show

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  1. Default Reality Show 
    With all the talk and for some reason I thought I asked this before but what is everyone's thoughts on Reality Shows and Haunting? I have honestly not seen but a couple of the making monsters ( mostly because there is really nothing on the travel channel ) but I mean it's pretty basic and not knocking it. If Kevin's thing works out I would love to check it out and wish him well. But what I think would be cool is to follow some haunters all across the country. Like they do on ax men, swamp people, shows like that where they zip back and fourth and show different projects people are working on rather than just one. It also give's the viewer a chance to connect with their favorite! I think Ben Netherworld, Larry Darkness, Eric Haunted Over Load, Paul Atrox would be some good ones! Really there are several that would make for a fun and entertaining show! Shane and it's lets have some imput!
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    The couple that had anything to do with making props have all failed but Making Monsters is still on the air but its a limited run type of show... that one guy who made the monsters for B movies and stuff went off after one show, Scarefactory had that thing again off after one year. There was something on home haunters but that didn't make it.

    I think Making Monsters is kind of a year to year thing... Travel Channel is big into Halloween stuff they are the ones who keep making Halloween specials so its become part of their thing. I'd bet they'd keep doing Making Monsters as long as they can produce it cheap. But the reality is they are not getting rich off the show, I don't think they are really making much money from the show its taking a bunch of their time.

    I don't know if its helped them or not... but I do know their show has been great for the haunt industry. I like Making Monsters and they do a really good job with it.


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    I would like to see on about a person and the process of starting a haunt from the ground up. Not one that is big budget but a mid size haunt. I think that would be something they could draw people outside the industry in to.

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    That's all folks!
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    Making monsters gets great numbers as do most Travel Channel shows. I was talking to the camera man at Transworld and he said the numbers are very good and Travel Channel is thrilled with the way it's growing each year. In October millions of people watch the Travel Channel to see all those haunt shows and making monsters and Halloween crazy shows. It's big business and rates well. It's great for everyone.


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    I really like what Kevin McCurdy did for AMC in 2011. American Haunters! I think this was a really good format for a haunt. A small run with short episodes all aired in October.

    Louis Brown
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  7. Default Ya I liked that too! 
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    Kevin McKurdy is a class act! Very creative and informative. And is good from a starter to a pros point of view. Enjoyed that as well!
    Damon Carson

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