Negative. That isn't the same thing. I'm talking in reference to wholesale pricing and resale. Feel free to research wholesale a bit more regarding sales tax and use. I can buy something from china with no tax or tariff, but if reselling it in person I am required to charge the consumer a tax or levy on that item or service.

Cross-state sales are a different beast. But if buying at a true wholesale price across state lines, you will be required once you get to your state, to sell that item at the MSRP (that is YOUR profit above cost) and then an added sales tax percentage. Which is why you file quarterly or semi annual sales taxes with most states. Unless you are illegally making cash and carry sales, and not reporting them to the state. But that's your moral fiber, not mine.

Also, in the next year, Internet sales will be taxed regardless, as you will see that our fine government is putting into place right now.