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Greg you know that Allen guy that was a hauntcon really doesn't know any thing about the haunt industry he has been faking it for over 20+ years. I wish I could have gone to national but I could only do 4 shows this year. May be Lenard should have Dark speak next year, he seems to think he know every thing about the haunt industry. The show are all different to me and you go to them for different reasons I had a great time with my friends in Texas and I hate Texas. The haunts there know how to roll out the red carpet for the people coming. Next year I will make national.
Phatman, I'm sorry I don't recall ever saying I know everything about the haunt industry. Allen is great but as good as he is I think Ricky Dick and John Denley have a little more experience than Allen and the others there. I apologize for grouping all Hauntcon speakers in one.