Let me pick your brain lol. I have this idea to make a narrow bridge to walk over and I want people to feel they are really high in the air, when really they are a few feet off the ground.

I was thinking maybe plexiglass mirrors (for safety incase someone fell off) or something of that sort on the floor, so it reflects depth. There would be rails, so they could not get off the bridge (kind of like the vortex tunnel. When they look on either side they see the floor of mirrors. Since in this case the bridge would have a wood floor, they would not see the reflection under them (bottom of bridge, so maybe it would not ruin the effect. Could get real crazy and have like small stuff mounted to the ceiling hanging upside down and something over the top of the walkway so they could not look directly up and could not see the ceiling at all. Then it would reflect and seem like what is on the ceiling is hundreds of feet below them due to the mirror effect of depth? Maybe?