Are you on a budget and hurting for a video commercial of some kind? Need visual effects? Video edition? Well, you are in luck: Evil Planet Studios is building a portfolio, which means that every job until that task is completed will be on a discounted rate! That's right, get your commercial done for a discounted rate, for limited time only! The number of orders I'll be taking will be limited too depending on the complexity of each project could be anywhere from 3 to 10, likewise the discounts also vary and go from 10% to 50% off! This promotion is only valid to Hauntworld users.
Watch my visual effects portfolio here:

Or visit to check the rest of my portfolio and just in case you don't know my everyday gig: go to and check the rest of my stuff. There are no discounts on that one but you might as well give it a look in case you need a logo, a website or a poster.