Ok guys, so I'm doing a trailer haunt. Got 2 tractor trailers and fixing to start construction. 90% of the planning is done. We're mixing it up a bit. It's a realistic style haunt with no masks, no monsters, just good ol fashion crazy @#%#s taking your guts an stuff.

There's 'semi' kidnapping going on, where we coerce a patron into a hallway and take them to the next room where they participate in an illusion based scare and it should really rock.

Although I do have plans for another illusion, I was wondering, what would be a good one, in fact what could we do that would allow us to get a patron involved? I have another one where we put a girl in a box leaned up against a wall. The box is barely big enough for a large person to fit into. Much less anything else. The illusion is basically... well I don't think I wanna give it away lol. But basically we show the nice shiny, CLEAN sword, then shove it into the box (where we put the patron) and there's noise and when we pull it out, the blade is covered in blood (water based, wipes clean after each group) ... can't give the best part away, what they expect to come out of the box, isn't what they expected.. AT ALL! It's really cool,

but I was wanting 1 more. We can have another 'Act' in the haunt. We have 3 right now and running it all through vigorously in many minds, we think we have time for 1 more. What are some other illusions, or a good realistic scare that we can get the guests involved in?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.