Not sure where on the forum to post this idea but here on the hayrides and pumpkin patch list sounds like the best place. Today, I came up with a helpful addition to any bush maze. I figure there will always be people not willing to spend too much time in them because of the difficulty of getting out. But here is an idea for those people who would like to sneak a peak as to where the exit is.


In this drawing I made a guy standing in a path. I imagined him standing deep within a maze getting lost and turned around. To locate of the exit he only needs to walk up the 2 foot slope and have a look.

2013-05-16 11.12.38.jpg

It might seem like that would be too easy but I am not sure how many times someone would climb up to have a look around. But, I think that option should be there.

This hill, or slope idea could be done with corn too.