Hello Fellow Minions and Microbes,

Lord Grimley's Manor would like to announce our offerings bubbling up from the underworld for 2013 are now available for shipment in crate, coffin, or by old crone ! Never before have the minions been this excited by a bunch of old painted latex ....... (the zombies just sorta' gnaw on it ... )

Price: $49.99
Link: Medusa on E-Bay

Cthulhu Demon
Price: $44.99
Link: Cthulhu Demon on E-Bay

Open Mind Demon
Price: $32.99
Link: Open Mind Demon on E-Bay

Kurten Vampire
Price: $44.99
Link: Kurten Vampire on E-Bay

The minions, by the way, are the scores of monsters, people, gremlins, muppets, and imaginary creepy-crawlies that infest / work in the Manor. They come in every shape and size and range from harmless cute fuzzy things to bloodthirsty werewolves and conjured demons. It makes for a very interesting Annual Company Picnic.

We're always shambling around the manor grounds ... and scampering away from the zombies when they've escaped the basement. So, don't hesitate to contact us with any requests, complaints, threats, or offers of the dearly departed .. the manor and it's minions will entertain them all equally. order@lordgrimley.com

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