Do you find people are willing to pay $600 to buy a mask to prank their friends with? Hell I'd just buy some fake poo for $3 to do that. I think there are already too many old man masks and too many human paint masks out there there is no versatility in them and the best purpose for human looking masks is robbing banks because it seems like you see more human and old man masks robbing banks then in a haunt. Everyone is just copying the spfx old man at this point anyway he had the first old man silicone.

I want to see more monsters painted more colors. You tried to do a green monster mask but it still looks more skin tone than green.

Your sculpts are beautiful but I think around here we're less impressed with realism and more interested in monsters and scary things. I can't speak for everyone but I think if you've seen one old man you've seen them all.

Good luck!