So, are you looking for something fun to do on Friday night June 7th at MHC! How does scaring the crp out of people sound! Well, then, come and act at the event during the pre-haunt tour, it’s called HAUNT YOU TO DEATH, and is a modular haunt I use for my haunt acting class (Friday from 12:00PM to 4:30PM), and consists of several scenes. There is a swamp area, a Victorian room, a library, and a zombie hallway at the end. These scenes are designed with a very high level of detail, and I am looking tfor high quality actors to fill it and entertain and scare the patrons who attend. It will run from 6PM to 9PM during the pre-haunt tour activities, then it re-opens from 10PM to 12PM during the scary-oakie. The haunt will be in room “D” of the Franklin room at the Hyatt. If you are interested in acting at this haunt during these time frames, please call Geoff Beck at 440-796-3177 (or by email at and he will look into to “casting you” for a spot in the haunt. Actors who participate will be rewarded by their choice of a 5 seminar pass for MHC classes on Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th, or $20.00 cash. Come and “play” and show the haunt industry your talent. It will be a scream!