Hello there

I've been reading these boards for a while. Great information tool.

I'm producing a horror film based in the world of the Haunt Industry. pretty much the behind the scens of a haunt. I have so many question about the industry, most have been answered reading various threads on this page. I also have questions about specific haunts around the country that I've seen here and on other sites that look great.

We have two angles to approach production (production going off hopefully in august, september or October for a week)
1> Find our own space and build a haunt from scratch.
2> Find a real haunt that we could pay the owners to film at.

We'd love to do the latter if the location fits what is needed in the script, but we could work around that if needed. The Script calls for a Haunted house, not an asylum style haunt or something of that nature.

So I'm just throwing this note out there and if anybody might have any advice or ideas in this matter feel free to pm me... or if you might be able to answer some questions for me as we head into pre-production pm as well, I'd like to pick your brains.