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Thread: Best sites your pick...?

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    Aug 2006
    Valid points but since we are talking about visual preference.. no one is wrong. I was so impressed with Dead Acres site years ago and how banging the sound popped the site, I contacted the band Creature Feature for rights to reuse their music which they granted. I downloaded their album and blasted it and drove my family crazy. Use it for one of my workout songs now...

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    Cincinnati, OH
    Here is the problem with major web designers that many haunts use. The web designers do so many sites that they start to reuse graphics and use the same type of layout. I can usually go to a website and tell right away what company they're using. So, in order for the haunt to stand out, they have to be creative in what they want. I like Dead Acres' website because there's not another haunt out there that has a site like there's. It's crazy and off the wall just like the haunt is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jolly Pumpkin View Post
    Here is the problem with major web designers that many haunts use. The web designers do so many sites that they start to reuse graphics and use the same type of layout. I can usually go to a website and tell right away what company they're using.
    Agreed, but that's how some web designers keep their cost within the budget of the customer. If you want a totally unique look, you have to be willing to shell out more than ~ 1k.
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    I appreciate everyone enjoying our website .... It was over a year in the making..... I believe standing out in a crowd sells tickets .... Yet I was also concerned about quick content for mobile phones... Kids today use mobile ...So we have that too.. If u try to access the Haunted Hoochie website with a mobile device u will see....

    on another note Midwest is around the corner... And man oh man did we make something kewl...no other haunt in America has anything even close to it . .... Yet.. It's sooo scary it has even scared me ...its just that good... Hope to c everyone here
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    Apr 2005
    Mine might not be as good, but they are pretty decent. Thought I'd drop by to show off LOL. I just finished a completely animated one:


    and here a couple of other ones that I'm also pretty proud of:


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    Aug 2006
    Those are bad ass sites Redcrow... Love the killer movies one!

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by tonguesandwich View Post
    Those are bad ass sites Redcrow... Love the killer movies one!
    Thanks a lot, I appreciate your kind words!

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    Feb 2009
    Brilliant Ohio
    That Scarefest site looks similar to the Hauntworld site....wonder if they're related
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  9. Lightbulb The Village of Darkness 
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    Aug 2003
    I am very proud to see the Dead Acres site listed as one of the best sites of all - I do think it's a very unique site and unlike any others we have ever done.

    I remember working back and forth on that website, and with my staff. I walked into the room and started the conversation with my graphics team like this...

    "We are going to be working on a website, but nothing like we have done before....I want you to picture this. Imagine if Dante's Inferno could be written in the modern era....let's start with that concept for a haunted house. I've spoken with the owner and he has some really unique ideas and I want this to be completely over the top. For example, we are going to design two succubi dancing on stripper poles...."

    That website was really crazy to make with the team...we pulled graphics from all over the place. One of the nicest owners to deal with as well, I've found in general, the Ohio haunt owners are quite a great group of people. One of our very first halloween websites ever was the Haunted Hydro.

    As far as FLASH websites, I would like to point out, there is still quite a good solid use of Flash in today's world. You just absolutely HAVE to get a website designer/programmer who knows has experience with them. Myself and my team have taken classes on Search Engine Optimization, Flash in the modern place and mobile website design. This is really important.

    If you JUST make a Flash website (100% flash only) - then Larry and others are correct, that's no good - way to many mobile devices are in use today.

    However, if your website designer knows how to incorporate all of that together, then nothing beats a great unique flash site.
    For example, we just finished Scare Farm.


    You will see a very unique Flash Website, lots of animation and great hayride/walk thru feel to it...classic design.

    However, if you use a Mobile device, the website AUTOMATICALLY detects that you are using a ipad, iphone or one of over 4000 devices and takes you to the mobile device. which has ZERO flash in it.

    Thus, your designer should give you options and be able to make you a custom flash website, a mobile website, and a great SEO site all in one if you desire such. It can always even be added later (for example, Dead Acres could always add a mobile element to their cool flash site at any time)

    We don't do cookie cutter sites (we strive for unique-ness and quality over quantity), thus, they do take quite a bit longer to create, but the results can really help you stand out in your market and give you a great first impression.

    Remember, a lot of people (the decision makers especially) are in an office environment and thus use flash and other things to determine for example WHERE they are going for a weekend. It's still important a lot. The mobile is really important as well, I just wouldn't sacrifice one for the other....both are important. To many plain jane sites look the same (or look cookie cutter) and that is terrible if you are trying to make your haunted attraction stand out from everyone else.

    We are currently in the process of working on Nevermore Productions, really great guy and it is coming out with a very cool victorian haunted house feel to it.



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  10. Default Technology will sway 
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    May 2008
    Tiffin Ohio
    I believe technology will sway... You will need BOTH a entertaining website AS WELL as a mobile site...

    People may enjoy using their cell phones but EVERYTHING looks better on a pc.

    I've heard colleagues complain about ours and I've even thought about changing it / updating it with a all new design...

    Redcrowdesign.net creates some of the most eyeGASMIC websites.

    His websites are both flash and mobile and in my belief he blows the competition away.

    Be sure to check them out !
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