I know you have all heard this before, but we are really stuck for idea's this year. We run a 8000 sqft 100% charity haunt. Last year we saw huge numbers and we are expecting to double them this year. We have a budget, but it is limited. We need a ending. The name of our haunt is Darkness Rising. Our theme is Gentec labs. Massive virus outbreak. The haunt is a rooms and a fun house on steroids. Last year the ending was pretty cool. We had people get into a room that was dark and then the lights came on and an announcement came over a loud speaker telling them we are having some issues and then you hear the guy get mauled. A door opens and you walked into an identical setup of our ticket booth from the entrance except it was destroyed. The people would run through being chased by zombies and out the exit.

We need to up it from last year. Any idea's? I like to build as much as possible myself. Very good with welding, carpentry, electric, controls kind of a jack of all trades.

Give us your crazy idea's.