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Thread: I want to hear some reviews of Halloween Extreme.

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  1. Default Larry 
    I guess it's just me and me getting older. I see Disturbia all the time and actually I can see any haunt anytime ( with a call and heads up ) I want other than when I am open but then again I have to ask myself what's keeping me from going then too? But I dunno I enjoyed seeing other things than haunts. I mean that's one reason I have not been to MHC in a while I have seen Columbus several times so it's not enough to make the trip again for a while for me. With St. Louis I have to attend TW pretty much but there is nothing there I have not already seen. I am different than everyone else I guess. I am more old fashion I don't drink so no need for me to sit in a bar all night, I don't play as I am to old to crawl around at that museum, I have seen the arch and zoo, and so on and ate at most of the good places, and have been to the Darkness a few times so I have seen all I can see. So with me it's not about walking the show floor from 10 to 5 but instead spend about half my time there and the other half exploring and I love new towns. I have not been to Orlando in years since I stopped doing IAAPA but it was a nice change since I have not been in a while.

    I guess that's why I am such a supporter of TW moving around and making it's surroundings a part of the show as well. I mean after all they have did that with St. Louis pretty much and I just don't see why it can't be done in another city. It don't have to be Orlando either it could be Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, New York, LA, I mean yes some would have to travel far but hey many are doing that now and every year so it would be a fair trade off for the ones who have the luxury of living close to the show now so they could have to see how it feels to the ones who travel far now. It's about a even trade off. I would never want it in Huntsville because I live here that would be a bummer for me well I would love to sleep in my own bed lol but that would be all. Anyway just my opinion not opting to change the opinions of anyone else. Shane and it's just give me more of the world!

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    Apr 2009
    Near Charlotte NC
    As a vendor who didn't have a specific product to sell, I went to Halloween Extreme both because it was in Orlando and I could take the family, AND because it was a new convention that sounded intriguing. I had a blast and promoted the radio show to many people who had never heard of us. We've experienced a spike in DL's for the show so I know that our trip was a success in that aspect. I know there were some bumps and miscommunications between the two shows but they were ironed out pretty quickly.

    It was interesting to talk with so many people who did work in home, small, and charity haunts. They are the future of this industry and several of them told me they were there because they were going to open a 'professional' haunt in the next 1-2 years. Some of them had attended HAuNTcon in 2010 and were glad that there was another con here. I saw a LOT of crossover with May-Hem and many of those attendees were blown away with the products the HE vendors offered. I was across from the Creature Revenge booth and Carter had constant crowds admiring his Alien Splitter and Nosteratu Racer. This was his first tradeshow and I put him in touch with Barry at MHC so hopefully he can vend there. He did sell his human fly animatronic so I know that there were some big sales going on. The crowds seemed to increase on Saturday and even Sunday appeared to have good numbers before I left the booth in the capable hands of the Unknown Scare Actor.

    The hotel was stellar. The local restaurants were good, and you have Disney, Seaworld, and Universal within a 10 minute drive. I took the kids to Florida for the first time and was able to stay at Disney on Friday until 4:30am (I think Tater made it even later) and a good chunk of Sunday at Universal. It was a working vacation for me and I took advantage of it. Sitting in the hot tub with Naomi Grossman, Kathleen from Fright Props, and Allen Hopps talking shop on Sunday night was also fun.

    Will I be back? Absolutely. I have heard several vendors say that they weren't pleased with their sales outcomes, but I've heard that from vendors at every tradeshow and convention I've ever been to. Now that people sort of know how the two shows play out together I hope vendors will give Halloween Extreme another chance as I think it's a unique show that does have some very nice selling points.

    Overall grade - B+

  3. Default  
    I will get more info up when I can but a few snapshots.. Approx 2000 people went to Halloween Extreme...

    Here are a few Photos ..

    Universal Panel


    Face Off Panel


    Haunter Build Off


    Zombie Prom


    So many people worked so hard to pull this off... Thanks to come....

    Ben Armstrong

  4. Default  
    BTW there are lots of You Tube videos and photos on Facebook...

    Lots and lots of galleries posts and videos... If you want to see more it is all right there!
    Ben Armstrong

  5. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO

    Its not about seeing haunted houses, that is not really that important to Transworld however it is very very very very vitally important to MHC or Hauntcon. If they couldn't tour haunts their attendance would cease to exist. With the TW show if I didn't open my haunt and the show stayed here the show would go on as normal ... if the show moved to say Ten Buck Two and no haunts opened the people wouldn't care... the show is about education and finding new products for your haunt.

    I think everyone sort of hit the nail on the head with Orlando... lots of stuff to do and one person said he brought his family. BINGO!

    Vendors make the Transworld show bottom line end of story... the buyers come because of the vendors. The Vendors stop coming if the shows attendance goes down or buying stops. In Orlando buying would decrease because if you moved the show to middle of no where Iowa they'd have nothing to do but stay the show all day long... and do what? Talk to vendors, other haunt owners, do seminars, hang out together... blah, blah. In Orlando you hit up Universal or Disney or do 100 other million things.

    My point is Orlando is awesome but not good for this show and not only because of the location is deep south east.

    This show should be and always should be in one location in the central part of the country because most haunts DRIVE! Most vendors DRIVE and the fewer the distractions the better off for the vendors and TW.

    I think there are many good locations in the central part of the US Dallas maybe, Nashville maybe, Indy sure, KC hmmm not so much... KC and CHicago are five hours more for anyone south of St. Louis or East of St Louis. Indy is very very close to St. Louis as is Memphis.

    Just my observation of doing shows for more than anyone I know.

    As for the Darkness sorry son you haven't seen nothing... it was changed SO DRAMATICALLY that you wouldn't even believe it. If you didn't go each year then yes you missed a lot of stuff. We are NOT buying ANYTHING from the show floor everything we had was custom made by us or for us and the changes are DRAMATIC! But again its NOT about my haunt or any haunt where the show might go... as pointed out on top.

    Lastly I wanted to mention that I already have BO working on a TOP SECRET Animation for Darkness 2014... its so awesome we had to discuss it nearly one year in advance. So when I do these tours I plan BIG... but as I've already stated I don't care if the show moves but don't move it to a city like Orlando that would hurt the vendors big time. Me personally the last five years of doing these tours has taught me something new... I appreciate that actually. I would NOT attend the show if it changed cities, only because I now enjoy more than ANYTHING not relying on buying what I see but rather doing what I want my idea's working with vendors I trust. I'm so much now into doing new things so I'm just not interested in buying what every other haunt might have. Looking back its been a blast for me to do these tours and last year I had more fun than all the other 4 years combined... I can honestly say I'm totally looking forward to the next one.


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  7. Default Small but Fun 
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    May 2011
    Orange Park, Florida
    I had attended on Saturday all day and late into the night. I was thrown off being that they did not have a one day joint ticket into both Halloween Extreme and Spooky Empire's Mayhem. The show floor was small but diverse with products. I knowing this was a first time convention thought it was better than I had expected. Yes, living a few hours from Orlando, I do go to IAAPA every year (I do projects for non haunted attractions too). They set the bar on all conventions very high but I am realistic too. I have never been to the St Louis show. For the past two years I have donated to the Insane Shane party and never have been. It is not because I do not want to. It just always manages to hit when the theme parks and attraction industry want their stuff built for a summer opening. It ends up being that I am to swamped with work and the fact it is so far that it takes about a week out of my schedule. I was hoping the Universal Halloween Horror Nights panel was more on the building and design topic butů. that is just me. Over all I had a great time and I am happy to have heard they are doing this again next year. The one BIG problem I had was they sold out on the Halloween Extreme shirts Friday. I really wanted one bad. Lol Please make more. Lol I am looking forward to a bigger and better show next year.

    Thank You for a great time,

    Robert Travis
    Scenic Art Productions

  8. Default Moving TW 
    I live in middle TN and wonder how many people have heard of the HUGE new convention center that Nashville built downtown? Over a million sq. ft. with plenty of space and things to do in walking distance!! Most haunt owners work great with each other here and would be happy to open a haunt for haunt owners to enjoy. I feel that many attendees love love love seeing other haunts that they would never see other wise. People are constantly looking for things to replicate and bring back to their city that has not been seen in their region yet. Nashville would also be an easy distance for a bus tour down to Disturbia! My 2nd vote would be Atlanta as Netherworld is so so top notch and would possibly be able to also do a bus tour to Atrox! I feel there are more mid range size haunts than big boys at TW and being centrally located makes for easier travel cost and ability to haul items bought as oppose to fit them in a carry on!! Just 1 persons opinion here but I like some variety! Im not a huge country person but there really is only 1 Nashville! Now its gotten big time prepared for conventions to take advantage of it!

  9. Default  
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Couple things I would be totally opposed to Atlanta because I hated that city for a convention. IAAPA was there twice is was the two worst attended shows they ever did, the buyers and exhibitors complained like crazy. Its hard to get around very few hotels near the convention center I 110% hated Atlanta along with everyone else from IAAPA. Don't get me wrong I don't hate the city and I don't hate Netherworld but I hated the city for a convention for 1000 million reasons... so no way Jose.

    Nashville I've never really been there... I've been through it but never really stayed there long. Don't know much about the city.

    One thing you have to look for for this industry is a very cheap space, the city must be drivable and it needs to stay central because as we all know haunters as a whole are CHEAP! They show needs to stay as cheap as possible to keep it growing. Again I could care less if the show moved, in fact I hope it does... I won't attend anymore I think I've just think overall I'm done with tradeshows. I'm seriously thinking for the first time of NOT attending IAAPA... so don't worry about what I think other than the fact that I KNOW tradeshows. Atlanta no way, Orlando no no way, Vegas out of the question anywhere west of St Louis is a bad idea totally, one of extreme of the country like east coast another bad idea... it must stay central.

    So any advice I give will be good for the industry as a whole. Anyway what does this conversation about a review of Halloween Extreme have to do with moving TW main show. I think its because its simply admitting that all these little shows don't work and we'd as a whole would rather see one show work and where that show should be, and what should happen, and this and that... is in the end what we all care about most.


  10. Default Hummm 
    Nashville has tons to offer and the Opryland hotel is one of the largest hotels in the world everyone could stay at the hotel without worrying about it selling out ( I would think) now if it were during the summer that's a different story they have tons of places to eat in the hotel and places to shop in there as well or tons within walking distance! I don't know though I want to see it move I just don't know where because there is so many cool places to put the show and so many cool city's to explore. To me St. Louis is not the cheapest anymore I mean the Ren Grand is nice but in Orlando we stayed at a 4 star hotel that blowed the the Ren out of the water and it was $79.00 per night! And I mean now TW charges to get in where it NEVER did before EVER so I feel the Americas Center has a hold on them now and pretty much can do what they want knowing they are going to be there so they can charge whatever so this is another reason I say move it there is plenty of places that would love to host this show. Again it's not the little $50.00 but this is a sign that there is more to come because they can do it. Memphis may be cheap as well also Louisville KY, Dallas, shoot it's exciting to think of the places out there. Shane and it's just my opinions, thoughts and how I see it.

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