I tell ya .. Man am I disappointed. My wife wanted the projection doll house at the show not for the haunt but for house decor during the season.
Well I received it and it looked like they took the floor model and some one sat on it breaking it into a dozen pieces. Taking the pieces glue and wood chunks and all, and packing it carefully (not shipping damage). I open it am like what the heck! I Send photos to other big vendor friends and ask am I over reacting? They couldn't believe it either.. Ill post pics when I get back from vacation. It will take me longer to clean and piece this together then just build a new one. Insult to injury they won't even return a call to discuss it.
I've been screwed by many vendors for way more money and never complained on any forum. But this is just so dishearting because I know there are good peeps associated with this group... Pretty upsetting.
Now I have to waste my time going through the process of recovery. Just Wow! I don't get it