We are a new Trail Haunt operating on 6 acres directly behing a large indoor sports facility. We have been advertising inside the facility for months with banners and flyers. They have roughly 900 people come through that place every weekend for sports related things. We are leasing the land from the owner and last night he told me the buzz is crazy. The owner offered to sell tickets inside of the facility for us as well. He said people are already inside buying things at the concession stands and they could add the Haunt ticket as a button on their system and tally everything up weekly and cut a check. He even offered for us to use an office inside of the facility that we could use to sell out of as well.

We have always thought that we would do all of our own ticket sales. Has anyone had experience with this type of situation? I see the good and bad points. Good points are that people are already there so get the money. Bad points are that we are a stand alone operation and don't want it to appear that we are part of them.

Thoughts? Good, Bad?