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Thread: Needed Break

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  1. Default Needed Break 
    With a coach company in the middle of tour season, a IRS audit from hell ( pray you never have to deal with that it's a nightmare!), planning a wedding, and needing just a break thought I would share some photos from around the farm. Just decided that it was time for a long break! I love haunt as much as the next but sometimes I just get burnt out and right now I am! Shane and it's a jungle out there!
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  2. Default More! 
    Here is some more! Shane and it's heaven on earth!
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  3. Default Farm animals 
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    Mar 2009
    So just how do you milk those farm animals?

    Wicked Farmer

  4. Default Ok 
    Shoot I got tons but just some of my favorites! Shane and it's ok you get the idea!!
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  5. Default Applesauce 
    Somebody once told me a bear shits like applesauce and it's hard to clean up! Be careful Shane!
    Brad Webb
    Nashville Nightmare Haunted Attraction
    1016 Madison Square
    Madison, TN 37115


  6. Default Lol 
    I think I told you that if not I have said it many times! Shane and it's true very true!

  7. Default luckyyyy 
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    Aug 2012
    Do you personally own all of these animals?


  8. Default Nic 
    Them and many more Nic I am blessed to have them all. I am not a zoo, I am not open to the public, just been a collector since I was 18 I am 43 now! Shane and it's I would die from the silence of they were not here lol!

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