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Thread: corpsifying buckey skeletons

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    Quote Originally Posted by bodybagging View Post
    not sure why they came out so blurry...... they look good on photobucket... go figure!
    Yeah, but the good work is recognizable beyound blurriness

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    Well said REDCROW! Thanx for the compliment, We try very hard to make everything as realistic as possible thus insuring that our customers will more than pleased! wow that sounded like a commercial, and now back to your regularly scheduled programming!
    Buried deep beneath Darksyde acres Haunted house In Michigan I'm the Best at what I do, What I do Isn't very NICE!

  3. Default Corpsed Torso from MrSkeleton.com 
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    Feb 2008
    Atlanta Georgia
    From MrSkeleton.com - here's a corpsed experiment with Bucky Torso utilizing light latex, brushed on, then various tones of tissue paper, hosiery- stretched with random cuts. Mixed stains for coloring to taste. Less attention was paid to the back as this trial version was mounted on a frame and lighted

    Aged Bucky Torso - available from www.mrskeleton.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurker View Post
    You can substitute carpet glue in place of latex, and that can save you some money. Just make sure you paint it after it dries, because the unpainted stuff will remain sticky even after it dries.
    Then there is the Elmer’s glue and paper towel method. You soak torn pieces of paper towel in watered down glue, attach to bucky as skin, then paint it once it dries.
    Also, for an interesting look you can use Great Stuff foam on the bucky, and before it dries hard, smear it around so that it doesn't foam up completely. Paint it once dry. Make sure you wear gloves while using Great Stuff. It will stick to you for a very long time if you get it on your skin. I think I still have a few patches on me from 7 years . lol
    I've also seen someone dip cotton into regular house paint, and use that for corspsification material.

    Intriguing. What would you suggest for corpsifying a buckey made of wiggling rubber?

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    my husband used to make bucky's with paper towels and wood stain. they scare the crap out of me......

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