This is a custom made animated mechanical arm. This prop was made for a large stage show. It would be awesome to use outside of an attraction for advertising. Its purpose was to have two of these set up on stage right and stage left that could automatically life up and change positions with lighting attached on board. They also have custom flickering fluorescent lights built into the middle of them for a cool look. The look was supposed to be decrepit eerie but powerful crane style arms. It has a very cool industrial look. The bases are extremely strong with extremely heavy duty $100 each Grainger locking wheels. The unit is steel construction with heavy duty pneumatic cylinders controlled by a custom built programmable/ DMX capable control that can either operate as a stand alone, have a push button ran to it or hook up to your DMX board. Another feature of this arm is that it has a 4 plex box ran to it with 4 dedicated wires that you can run to a dimmer. So lets say you wanted 4 different lights powered up you would plug each into a different outlet on the 4 plex and run the leads accordingly. There was over $700 spent on just the SO cord to make this happen, not including the labor. The two main lift cylinders were over $1000 by themselves. The controller even has an idle program show that it will run through until they are activated. The controllers were custom built from a control builder in CA and I will gladly supply you his contact information incase there are ever any problems.

Be Sure to visit the following video link which show the animated mechanical arm in operation.

It has a side tilt function and two up motions that you can see from the video listed below. It also has to upward motions. You can program it to move as you please. It was build out of primarily round tube so you can easily connect lights, cryojets or etc. to it. If someone wanted to permanently install these somewhere you could easily cut the bases down to not take up as much space. These items shouldn’t be used close to people. The ground should be spiked so people don’t walk into their movement window. You can see the back at all the top quality pneumatic solenoids. All the controls are safely placed on the back of the unit as you can see from the pictures. We have clear coated the item after we aged the metal. We wanted a nice rusty look for it. Once we achieved the look we sprayed the entire piece with a flat clear.

These pieces have so many applications they could be used in. They remind me of set pieces out of MAD MAX or something like that. We have two of these units. If you want its twin we would be willing to go same money for the twinMechanical Arms 1.JPGMechanical Arms 2.JPGMechanical Arms 3.JPGMechanical Arms 4.JPGMechanical Arms 5.JPG. We have over $14,000 into one of these units with parts and labor. The arms do breakdown and it packs up pretty well in a trailer. It can be placed on its back end to conserve space.