Spirit Cabinet

This was built for the 2004 show Spellbinder Las Vegas (Spellbinder, a short-lived arena-sized illusion show). It was a multi millions dollar production show. This was never used on Stage. It is a one of a kind collector’s item. The person we acquired this from stated it cost approximately $55000 to build. Looking at the parts and the hardware of the cabinet… we believe it absolutely did cost $55,000 to build. It is called a Spirit/Magic cabinet and was Designed and built by Creative Illusions in Las Vegas. It is both manually and dmx controlled. It is DMX controlled for some parts and manually controlled with an operator for others.

Be sure to view the video's of the Spirit Cabinet at the following link:




The features that we know are contained in the cabinet are as follows:

Two front gates open on hydraulic gates cylinders. Tested and works (Please see video)

Two of the side panels fall down pneumatically.

Leprecon Lighting Box

4 DMX Strobes (2 Top – 2 Bottom)

8 mini pars on ground.

There is a Large Gear motor to spin pole in Center of Cabinet.

There is a Wench to pull chair forward in the cabinet.

High Pressure Valve which is to control Cryo Jets.

The center pole spins on a gear motor.

From what we have been told, the show was going to put a mummy on this pole.

The two rear devices on the rear back wall spin.

The center chair slides forward with a winch.

There are strobes lights and mini par cans mounted throughout. This is all high end lighting.

The taller pillars in the back look to be flame pots of some sort with working high pressure valves connected to them that we think liquid CO2 is meant to spit out of them like a cryo jet. Also from the high pressure valve there are small pipes that are located on 4 of the gates that look to blast at cryo as well. The amount of time and effort and money they spent piping this in is amazing. It is all copper piped in and the shear amount of spent was just unheard of.

If we had the time, we would be breaking this up and selling it for parts but we want to give someone the opportunity to have it as a whole before doing that.

If someone wants to spend to the time to part they could make a hefty profit.

It also has a curtain track around the whole upper outside of the cage which must have been for an appearance part of the illusion.

We had our fabricator go through this piece for two days straight making sure most of the vital parts are working. We as a company don’t understand the complete intention of this prop. From what we understand it was some sort of séance type piece with it appears to be its on sort of show in itself. This piece still has to be gone through further to figure the entire thing out and make sure it is all 100%.
photo magic cabinet 1.JPGphoto magic cabinet 1.JPGphoto magic cabinet 4.JPG