OK, here I am. I have the fire inspector come out last October to make sure the building is cool for the haunt. Then after they clear it they change their mind and add all of these modifications to the building that is over 50 years old. Then we get that straightened out and the county tells me that I need a zone change (never listening to me that it is a temporary event) They keep trying compare me to Universal Studios. So after clearing that hurdle they just recently told me that I cant get approved for a temporary permit because I was going to leave the haunt erected during the off season and since that is the case they want me to add permanent handicap ramps and handicap bathrooms (in a building built in 1957)and water fountains and lower the sprinkler heads etc etc. I have never met people with nothing more to do than screw people and halt progress than they assholes with way too much power. So got any ideas?