We got these from Practical Promotions 2 years ago at the show, still in MINT condition. Our City has an ordinance against any business having these at their locations. We got a variance 1 year but they said we cannot use them any more... SO I have (4) that need a new home.


I have a set of 4 advertising flags, (2) Halloween, (2) Haunted House. Purchased new, used 1 season, all are in perfect shape and come complete with poles and ground mounts. VERY heavy duty and good to go!

Price is for all 4, must sell as complete set only.

Paid $525 for set. First $300 + shipping, takes set, sold as set only! (Located in Phoenix Arizona)

You'll find these amazing brightly-colored FrontageFlags™ are a very affordable tool for attracting customers to your door!

Our FrontageFlags™ are the best quality advertising flags you'll find on the market.

What makes our FrontageFlags™ better than the rest?

Built to withstand high winds over time: The heavy-duty fabric is a super-knitted 140kg polyester.

Free-flying shape: At 11.5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide, the top is curved, allowing the flag to fly freely and grab attention without wrapping around the pole.

Easy to manage: The durable sewn sleeve is fashioned to slip easily over the flag pole.

Thanks - Paul