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Thread: MHC Updates

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  1. Default MHC Updates 
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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Hey lets hear some MHC updates! Larry

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    The last bus just left Scare Fair. Exhausted, going to bed.

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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    So is everyone back from MHC now? How was the show and what haunt tours did you like? Larry

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    Feb 2009
    Brilliant Ohio
    Fear Itself in Mishawaka with the Cukoo's Nest was fantastic. All the haunts were great, but that stood out to me as pretty original. The sheer size of the Niles Scream Park was impressive, the Dance scene at The Haunt was unique and original. Lots of good stuff. We did the Friday trip to the Hoochie, are you kidding me. Taking nothing away from any Haunt, including my own, this place is on a whole new level. The show was great, lots of vendors and some good deals as well. Saturday Night was killer once again at the party and after party. Absolutely unbelievable costumes
    Like a midget at a urinal, you gotta be on your toes


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    Nov 2009
    Sean you have summed it up well, I agree. I think from a attendee point of view it was the best MHC I have been to. From what I heard from vendors they did about as good as last year to better than last year. I know that Froggy's was sold out of almost all foggers and fog juice, Brutal Rust sold out including they sold the booth, Screamline was out of latex the first day, and the show floor was busy up until the show closed. Kelly and his team have done a great job and can't wait for next year.

  6. Default Excellent! 
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    Mar 2004
    Minneapolis, MN
    Another great MHC! These guys & gals really know how to put on a smooth running show from start to finish.
    Attendance was clearly up over last year. The Zombie Army did not show (apparently due to scheduling conflicts) and I missed not having their energy there but it was still a great party Saturday night.

    I love this show and will do it again next year!


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    Sep 2003
    Northwestern Pennsylvania
    The show was a FANTASTIC time...as always!
    The Hoochie Friday night was INSANE and Unit 70 Studios tour was awesome...their stuff is so real looking!
    The show was busier than in the past in my opinion.
    Sunday I was there until 3 and could not believe how busy it was...a friend of mine tried to get some stuff from Screamline and they were sold out!
    I love this show and it's definitely a DON'T MISS event!
    Kirk Boemmel
    Dark Ghost Manor


  8. Default Mhc... 
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    Sep 2010
    It was our first trip to the convention, can't believe how crowded it was Sat morning and then Sunday to... just wasn't expecting such a crowd. Everybody seemed pretty excited, good vibe overall. They had a stage in the rear where Allen H and few others spoke, but, the convention was too loud to hear them well... probably need to move that stage back further. The Arena District was great, right across street from convention center, lots of bars, food everywhere and then a street party festival with 3 bands playing on Fri-Sat night... tons of stuff going on and location was fantastic. The Haunted Hoochie was probably best haunt I've been to, it's just over the top all around, one phrase "Crazy in your face" all the time. The setting on the farm with the Silos is an unbelievable entrance. I can't believe in one scene there must have been 4 animatronics all going off at the same time, insane. The tour at Unit 70 was very insightful and inspiring, just the fact they let thousands of haunters thru and left their workfloor with all the props sitting out and let everybody go anywhere was extremely cool, not to mention several half barrels of beer and food onsite, couldn't have been better in mind, props were unreal, loved it. Then, ok then the costume party Saturday, unbelievable, that ball room was over filled with standing room only practically.... and the most amazing thing was to see everybody dressed, I bet 98% of the folks dressed and never seen so many kick ass costumes, hands down unbelievable. If you want to get people involved in the haunt industry take them to this show and watch their jaws drop, some of the best costumes in the world ! So, we we're thrilled and can't wait for next year.

  9. Default thank you all 
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    Feb 2008
    thank you all soo much for your kind words about your haunted Hoochie experience..

    Spookjj...thankyou..best crazy insane and unbelievable are the words i like to see when describing the Hooch

    Darkblood...insane is the word of the day brother...thanks

    Sean..a whole new level is the best thing i have ever seen anyone write about the hooch on hauntworld..thank you very much sir

    we r workaholics here at the Hooch..i think it shows..but its super nice to hear it on here ...thanks
    in order to see the orchestra ...you must turn your back on the crowd...


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    Aug 2011
    Haunted Hoochie was good, but the long wait to get tickets and to get in kinda sucked but the tour of the haunt was very well done. Great job badass you guys outdid yourselves!

    Did anyone else hear that "lady" who was barking orders loading people onto the busses to the hooch? Wow, if you've never felt like a carnie instead of a serious haunt business owner she answered the call. Dropping F bombs and yelling and cursing people barking orders and looking unkempt it didn't seem like the best position for her. I heard quite a few comments from others in line. A bit surprising, don't know why haunters feel the need to act like that and play into the stereotypes but it is what it is I guess.

    This was my first MHC, and it was fun but a very small convention as far as vendors. No one had anything new that I saw since transworld. It definitely seemed to more of a regional actors show but I still had a lot of fun and anytime I can travel for haunted house stuff is a plus.


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