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Thread: can you run an effective haunt in a scair structure.

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  1. Default can you run an effective haunt in a scair structure. 
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    Oct 2012
    I've been reading the board for awhile now and wanting to start my first haunt this year. I have several local big festivals in October that I can attend that last about 3 days each. Then all of our trick or treaters all haunt in one neighbor hood, and they all park in an old parking lot and I've already been approved to set up there. So I'm thinking of purchasing an scair structure to use. Gonna do an clown/carnival theme. Can I make an effective haunted house with this. I'm paying for everything with out financing it and want to slowly build it up every year. Is this how I should start?

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    YES (and unfortunately....no.)

    Yes in the sense that you can MOST DEFINITELY have a good quality attraction within a scair structure, I have done it for an event that was only one night in the past. As with most haunts, your actors will make or break it, but the scair structure is nice because it can still fit full 4x8 wall panels, and the d-rings make running wires and air lines VERY simple.

    Unfortunately, they only manufacture it in black, and are rather short regardless of how maze like you make your layout, so I do not see how a circus/clown theme like you mentioned would work at all, the large inflatable black columns probably wouldn't hold paint very well (and I wouldn't recommend painting the poles EVER...you have to break it down and inflate it many times...most paints would probably cause the columns to stick to each other in storage/deflation) or would just flake off...I really wouldn't do it, and what circus/clown haunt makes sense with black columns everywhere?

    If you're determined to do the clown theme, I would recommend a trailer haunt for quick and temp set up. One trailer would be about as long as a scair structure, but you could also make the sides fold down to triple the size (I believe shipwreck productions uses that method in a lot of their trailer haunts...they're something you should look into).

    Or if you want, start little by doing scair (like you want) but do a cool pitch black haunt and do a bunch of classic (but very effective) pitch black scares, it'd be more cost effective, easier to pull off in a shortened timeframe and would still allow for your guests to feel like they got their money's worth without breaking your bank, plus you'll have a blank slate for next year and can use even fewer actors! (With the pitch black theme, and the black Velcro vinyl wall panels, you can leave the bottom corners open (not velcroed) making it so one actor can consistently jump ahead of the patrons unnoticed, something you couldn't do with any other theme). Just a thought.

    Not trying to change your direction or tell you what to do, but a scair structure is just not very carnival/clown friendly....and if you really wanna start small, a different theme would probably save you money, and your guests would be none the wiser.

    Plenty to think about, best of luck to you!

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    you could also run a small children's hunt in the scareair structure.use it as a secondary attraction or as a daytime program.also if you put walls or props inside you must either leave it inflated 24 /7 orclear it out every night.if you deflate it you must make sure everything inside can stand the weight of the structure laying on it every night
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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