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View Poll Results: How Much Do You Spend Per Head On Marketing?

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Thread: Marketing Is King... How Much Do You Spend Per Head in Marketing?

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  1. Default Marketing Is King... How Much Do You Spend Per Head in Marketing? 
    Join Date
    Dec 2008
    Just doing some research amongst all of you current haunt owners. I'm in between school terms for this week so I'm working on my future haunt again. ANYWAYS I'm curious to see what the average is for haunts small medium and large to spend on marketing. You can vote on what you currently spend or what you used to spend. The most you've ever spent on marketing or the least. I don't care. Any information will be extremely helpful.

    Through my research I've come to a conclusion that one major component of success for any business, haunts included, is a successful marketing campaign. When you have brand recognition people are more likely to trust making a purchase with your company. Obviously when you see the Disney logo you know you are getting ripped off but a quality product. As far as haunts go I know some people's mantra is let your customers be your advertisement... Word of mouth is the best for new customers. I'm not saying I disagree, quite the contrary, its just I also think that putting up a billboard or two wouldn't hurt also.

    So I was hoping any of you could give me some insight on what has worked most for you in the past. What marketing investments have you made and seen great returns and what has been a dud?

    Its A Verbal Orgy on Steroids!

  2. Default One Crafted Letter 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Got my house really going. The letter was sent to The Chicago Tribune and was just intime for their Haunt Listings page that October.
    The idea of the letter was to not only inform the world that Ravens Grin was here but to also appeal or fit into the urban myth of that day of the multi-lever haunted house (That nobody could ever find)
    I have always belived that straight lies have no place in any ad, there must be more "Truth" or something real close to truth to not piss off those customers who are trusting you with their time and money.
    My House advertised the optonal, guaranteed scare package, which is still scaring people 26 years later!
    My house does have SEVEN physical levels. Having a wine cellar under the basement and a cupola on the roof helps this to happen.
    There is nothing I have ever spent money on or tried since that first letter that has EVER come close to creating So Much business .
    A billboard at the edge of my town, TV time on cable (worthless-too many stations)
    I have had a tremendous amout of free "Press" over 26 years, but then I have been a full-time, open EVERY NIGHT OF THE YEAR Haunt for probably 24 1/2 of those 26 years.
    Going full-time meant I WAS home to answer the calls when they came, I WAS available to be interveiwed.
    I have been featured for years on some satellite stations, they do bring some business, but not nealy as much as one would like to think it does. Almost nobody will suddenly drive 2,000 miles to just see your haunted house , ("Duh?") but if they do , watch them Very closely and don't have any sex of ANY kind with them!
    This week during two long nights a film crew was here compiling images of Ravens Grin for their new show "Creepiest Homes in America" time will tell if this was worth our time and efforts....I hope it will be.
    Pleasing the Customer, impressing them, value for the money spent and even surprising them by making them suddenly laugh, are all valued by most people , most of the time.
    Yes, my house tours are really too long, going often times for 90 minutes in duration, but then a great number of my patrons often lose all sense of the time passing as they see my house because there is so much odd, goofy stuff here and my place is filled with items that will NOT be seen or found elsewhere, because I made them.
    I also narrated the entire tour,with almost every step as they take it, never missing a moment to see and hear what they are doing, thinking, saying, so I may then influence what might be happening next.

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