This past weekend I experimented with a Zombie Photo Shoot at the Midnight Sun Festival here in Fairbanks. And yes the sun is as bright at midnight as it is at noon. I threw up a Green Screen and had approximately 25 different apocalyptic backgrounds for people to choose from. I had 5 different zombies and a whole slew of different weapons for people to use in defense from the zombie horde. I gave them the opportunity to either fight off the Zombies, or I had my make-up artist there and they could become zombies themselves.

The reason I am writing all of this is because we did extremely well.(Other than the guy selling the Tye Dye Shirts and Moo Moos.) I found it was fantastic way to get the community involved with something and get them thinking about this coming season and get them talking about us. Also it was a great way to build some revenue to help with modifications and marketing for the upcoming season. And I was curious if anyone else had tried something similar out there and what kind of results they were receiving from it.

Fairbanks Asylum
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