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Thread: Hate the local Government!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Default Hate the local Government!!!!!!!!!!! 
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    Jun 2011
    Auburndale, FL
    OK, here I am. I have the fire inspector come out last October to make sure the building is cool for the haunt. Then after they clear it they change their mind and add all of these modifications to the building that is over 50 years old. Then we get that straightened out and the county tells me that I need a zone change (never listening to me that it is a temporary event) They keep trying compare me to Universal Studios. So after clearing that hurdle they just recently told me that I cant get approved for a temporary permit because I was going to leave the haunt erected during the off season and since that is the case they want me to add permanent handicap ramps and handicap bathrooms (in a building built in 1957)and water fountains and lower the sprinkler heads etc etc. I have never met people with nothing more to do than screw people and halt progress than they assholes with way too much power. So got any ideas?

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    Jun 2006
    Eastlake, Ohio
    Unfortunately you can not fight those that control whether you open or close. If you can't satisfy them, you would need to find a new location in a new jurisdiction. They make the rules and control our events.
    Brian Warner
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    I was always told to get everything in print or writing. Not to say they still wont change their minds, but it definitely wouldn't hurt if you have a paper trail of everything they tell you you have to comply with.

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    rfsystems Guest
    Ask your inspector if you can use a water cooler instead of a water fountain. You know, like the kind you can rent from Culligan.

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    May 2009
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    Sorry if I missed something, but Im taking this as your probably not putting on a fundraiser for a non-profit group, but rather a for profit event???

    I have only worked to put on a non-profit event so I likely might not be able to relate in its entirety. However, from my experience with putting on haunts as well as my work within the trades and construction, inspectors are there for reasons. I know at times it could and may seam that they are working against you, but the bottom line (as you know) is safety for everyone (patrons and staff alike).

    Sure its very possible that the governing body could be a tad more lenient over certain topics with charities vs privately owned, but at the end of the day an attraction still has to be safe for all involved. And its only in all our best interest! And where the line of signing off is drawn depends greatly on the governing body and local codes...... enough said... lol!

    My suggestion (again I don't know your entire situation) would be to not get completely discouraged quite yet! But to really sit down and ask what concerns they will have and what immediate requirement they need met. And maybe even concerns that they may foresee coming up down the road. I would even bring up concerns that you yourself seen and how you dealt or will be dealing with that issue. That will show that your very much wanting and willing to put safety ahead of all else. Cause in the minds of building, electrical, and fire inspectors, safety is always at the forefront! That's what their jobs really are all about in the end. As a haunter, patron, and member for our community I'm glad there is some governing body looking over construction of all kinds!

    You mentioned them saying that the sprinkler heads need be lowered. This would be a great opportunity to inquire their reasoning, so that you understand there concerns. Perhaps you were wanting to build a false ceiling over a room or walkway..... if that was the case it wouldn't surprise me at all that they would require the sprinkler head to be lowered through that ceiling to assure water could reach that area in the event of a fire. This also gives you the insight into what to look out for in future construction in order to not run into that problem again.

    It would be my hope for you that if you planned your event carefully with special attention to be compliant with their biggest concerns that you could still put on the event your hoping to. That may mean not being able to do some things this year, however may put you in a relation with the inspectors that YOU KNOW exactly what they are after and THEY KNOW that you intend to build and maintain a safe facility for your attraction, while working together at the same time.

    I hope some of this helps even just a bit!! We all know that a lot goes on trying to put on these events and this is the place to ask questions!!!! We're only hear to help!!!!!!
    Kelly Anderson
    Owner- Halloween Undercroft
    Owner- Haunt Your House llc

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    Jan 2013
    I gave a seminar on goverment relations and haunted attractions at the west coast haunters convention. Sounds like your in a big market full service city. The advice about the paper trail (email) is solid. Knowing who represents what department and what they are requiring should be note. Requirements should be spelled our clearly in some policy. Its your perogative to see those requirements. They should not be arbitrary. Is there a planning commision in your jurisdiction?

    good luck with this I know it can be frustrating

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