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Thread: stand alone maze

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  1. Default stand alone maze 
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    Nov 2011
    I have possibly 5k-6k square feet indoor space available next to my haunt. I won't have time to turn it into a haunt. However I was thinking of just making it a simple straight maze and have anywhere from 1500-1800 feet of walk path. Keep it dark and give everyone glowsticks... I might have 1-2 guys running around scaring people in the maze but it would be a more friendly environment than our haunted house. Something like this would run only on our busier weekends. I thought about keeping the admissions price fairly low just to cover material costs. Has anyone tried something like this? I just wonder how well it would work...
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  2. Default Your Maze 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Might be walking the feet off of some people at 1500-1800 feet of travel. People going through my haunt sometimes complain about the "Walk". I also amaze them that this place is so involved and actually large as to take up so much of their time and effort, but then surpise is or should be a part of entertaining people.
    I have a couple of very short walks that curve or twist and customers call them "A Maze!" No confusion, no traps, just a straight -forward progression with some odditties makes it stimulating for most of them.

  3. Default Opposite side of the coin from Jim.. 
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    Mar 2009
    I have 3 miles of maze trails through a corn field....in 20 acres (0ver 800,000 square feet) People love it. But I have optional signed exits and short cuts every 15 minutes and guys on several towers always available for those who get too frustrated. On something that small I might try a "hybrid" maze. Some of it solid walls in the dark...some of it fence panels with strobes...mix it up.

    Wicked Farmer

  4. Default  
    rfsystems Guest
    mixing it up sounds like a good idea... maybe even add a lighted area about half way through to keep their eyes from getting to adjusted to the light.

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