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Out of your 6,195 orders, 461 (6.7%) where made from a smartphone.

As for that Facebook share windows that pops up immediately following the order, only 6 people clicked on that button to share out of your 6,195 orders...
We are finding Facebook to NOT be a significant driver of ticket sales across the thousands of shows we produce each year, this is across multiple market segments for consumer shows, State Fairs, and Haunts. I.E. all of markets segments, these percentages are fairly common.


Thanks for sharing this! I must say I'm a little surprised by the percentage of phone ordering.

As I dance my way around the whole subject of marketing- everything seems to indicate that peoples faces are now affixed to their phones- but they don't use them to order? I assume the rest would be from a pc at home or work, but this article I found says pretty much the opposite- http://marketingland.com/report-near...-devices-34639