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Thread: Best Marketing For 2013... what is the best way to market your haunt.

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    St. Louis, MO
    Shane I have looked over your facebook page...

    The MASS MAJORITY OF POSTS on your Disturbia page has NO replies and maybe an average of 15 likes ... I could spend an hour milling through it but on first glance that would be the case.

    In fact a few weeks ago you made this post ...

    Christmas in July!!!! if we have 7400 fans by Midnight Sunday July the 14th were going to give a poster Autographed by Kane Hodder aka Jason! Share with your friends and tell them to come here and post Merry Christmas under this post and we will draw from the names who said " Merry Christmas!"

    Well you didn't get to 7400 fans and its July 16th now... so I guess you won't have to give away that Kane Hodder autograph. Shane the point to you here is this... NO ONE SAW YOUR POSTS! They liked your page but they don't really follow it... this should prove to you that just posting on facebook does very little if any good.

    Its FREE so do it... but to think it will bring you 40% plus is probably one of the worst things I've ever heard... you just can't back that up with facts and I'm proving to you right now with your own facebook page it isn't happening. You can't even GIVE AWAY something free because no one is paying attention.

    The more facebook friends you get the more replies you'll get but it still be relatively low compared to the overall base of friends...


  2. Default Posting too much. 
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    Chicago, IL
    What Shane and Larry don't see is that if you post 15 times a day like Larry said, then people will get tired of seeing the same boring posts or meaningless posts and hide the page. Also, Facebook made it so that you have to go to the page and click under settings SHOW IN NEWS FEED.

    For Larry to say that no one use Facebook anymore, where is he getting this bullshit information? Look at any smartphone, computer or tablet. Facebook is on there. It is the home page for most people. Just because Larry says it doesn't make it FACT. I know he is the CREATOR of this site, but come on.

    I'm sure I will get a "warning" about this. Facebook works. People go to Facebook and see the posts and pages that their friends like. It is a snowball effect.

    A little knowledge can be dangerous when it is read the wrong way. For it to cost you $8.00 for each ticket you sell on Facebook, you are doing something wrong.

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and websites are all great online tools. I am sure that next year the NEW MySpace will be something that people are commenting on.

    Larry IS correct that flyers at events like football games, runs, festivals and such are great to promote your haunt. Never should a haunt STOP promoting.

    Different strokes for different folks. Not everyone uses the same things.
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  3. Default Larry... 
    Done called and fussed on me LOL. I will say this as I told him I did not say we had tens of thousands of fans not everyone clicks the like button. I am one of them but when asked the questions we asked I posted the results from this past season. Again we got the bigger percentage said they seen it on Facebook and what I posted was the results I did not say we only polled our fan that's liked our page. Many I feel do as me just get on facebook and look many times they never click the like button it could be a friend of a friend, of a friend, of a friend's friend bla, bla but that's where they seen it or heard about if from FACEBOOK . Shane and hope that clears it up!
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    St. Louis, MO

    Saying no one visits facebook anymore is not accurate and not what I meant... its part of posting experience. Clearly people visit the site... but kids are NOT doing the facebook thing anymore like they were before, or myspace before that they are moving onto Instagram or the host of other things...

    Facebook is now losing more accounts on a monthly basis than they are gaining them, additionally as we all know Facebook stock dropped like a rock. I'm not saying nor have I ever said its totally worthless nothing is totally worthless... but you need to learn how to evaluate marketing results. Your problem is I think is that you perceive things to be true so they are... but what are you facts to back up your statements.

    If you and I sat down and shared facts, data, and results you'd quickly learn that I'm 110% right. As I conversed with Shane earlier and I think he understand now...

    The best way Facebook can help your business is simply by YOU HAVING A GREAT HAUNTED HOUSE. Facebook can help you build word of mouth... when someone visits your haunt and posts about it their friends might pick up on that and visit. Reality is though if you post you like Shanes haunt MAYBE 3 to 5% of your friends will even see the post but still if you get 1000 people loving your haunt and post something on their pages it helps build positive word of mouth.

    IF your haunt sucks it can have the reverse effects... bottom line is YOUR PERSONAL facebook page does little very little to help sell tickets to your event or even promote your event. Very few people will read your posts, follow your page, unless you are willing to PAY a FEE to facebook to put those posts on top of the log in page.

    These are facts my friend...

    Perception isn't always reality and in this case its a fact...


  5. Default Hummmmm 
    Hey oh yeah thanks for Sharing the nude photos Larry with the critters man did not know you had it in ya!! Shane and it's man yall should see what he was doing to that chicken!

  6. Default social media as a marketing tool 
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    Dec 2012
    Larry, et al,

    Social media works as an advertising tool, end of story. I like that Larry has you all thinking, but Larry, to say that kids don't use facebook is in correct. They do. Do they use other forms of social media? Sure they do, but it is a proven fact that Facebook is the #1 social media site in the world.

    There are certain way to get people to use and share your content and to make these social sites work for. I have spent hours testing these to see if they do work and they do.

    I think, what is important to keep in mind is that, if Larry's web site and all that he does to drive customers to it works for him and then BRAVO. If my upcoming social media campaign works for us, then GREAT!

    I stand behind Larry's comment that papers are dead, But that their web sites are still valued. In my neck of the woods, the local paper charges you to use their site... bull crap! So I have opted to not buy ads here, and to use my limited ad budget for some new ideas.

    Here's the link to a youtube video I use now in my haunt marketing class, it was shared with me by someone I highly respect in the industry and proves that we need to keep a keen eye on all social media. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO2YoPw-cy4

    Content, picture, ask people to share.

    Have a great day.

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    While I don't have a"dog in this fight" since I run a home haunt and don't need to advertise I have to chime in here, I will agree whith Shane, Facebook is where it's at and I spend a lot of time on my job in marketing and social media is king right now though while I also agree with Larry that Facbeook's popularity among kids has declined it is not losing ground as it is in fact still growing, during their last earning reports they reported their daily active users, monthly active users, and mobile active users were all up. In fact, there's been double-digit growth in all of those categories year-over-year. Facebook now has 195 million users in the U.S. alone.

    Twitter, instagram, Youtube, Google+, Vine, etc.. are also very popular and the kids do in fact tend to have a new flavor of the week so they are all platforms that should be taken advantage of and kept current and they are free and should be the number one resource to use for driving traffic and ticket sales in my opinion. Let's now look at how Google works, let's assume I know only of Shane's haunt Disturbia by name so I go to Google type in "Disturbia haunted house", the results I get back are 1. Disturbiahauntedhouse.com, then the second and third results are Youtube and Facebook. Also regarding the number of Facebook page likes, as Shane already said that number is misleading, we all know how Facebook's feed works where we see what our friends are doing and liking, so now let's move up to October, I'm checking my page feed and see that one of my friends like something on Disturbia's FB page, I see that I then am curious then click on it and think hey a haunted house in Huntsville that would be fun I'll check it out. This is all just my opinion but I do believe that social media would be where I would focus, and for the most part it is free to use.

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    An interesting facebook marketing story from some time back-


    How would you ever really know?

    I think FB is a great free tool- especially for communicating with staff, but the clock IS ticking like Larry thinks.

    I'm a FB noob, but this year decided to to TRY and up the interest by running some tiny little promotions and then I ran a notice about up-coming actor auditions with some weird results. I purposely set the marketing controls to a 100 mile radius and spent a whopping $10 to promote that post and it says I got 4100-ish views and 47 likes. That's great I'm thinking- people are seeing it. But then I get an actor request EMAIL from someone 500 miles away... And then I start looking at some of those likes for that post and a LOT of them are from out of state too... I know, I know- friends of friends but sheesh... What do you really get for your money?
    How can a man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temple of his gods.

    What you put into your mind- you put into your life.


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    Let me say a couple more things here...

    Look I know I'm 110% right that Facebook is NOT a good tool to INVEST MONEY IN or for that matter BELIEVE even for ONE second that it will be some major source of getting your haunt business because it WILL NOT!

    I go back to what I said already... Facebook's biggest value is really simple it is a great FREE marketing tool if you have a good haunt. If your haunted house is good then people MIGHT post a little something on their page and if you are lucky 5 people will see it and if 1000 people do it maybe 5000 people overall see it. This is awesome I didn't pay anything for the FREE word of mouth... then again if they don't like your haunt I'm betting 5 times the people let people know and you have 5 times the negative out there. So it goes both ways...

    Facebook is a nice little blog that keeps you out in front communicating with people all year long... there are some benefits for sure. But you EVER in a MILLION years thinking this will be some HUGE SOURCE to promote your business WRONG!

    A year ago I brought up this interesting fact... Rodney in Cleveland basically didn't have a facebook and he claims he did tens of thousands of people... the guy who was on here all over the place even took out a booth at TW and said Facebook was the web 2.0 put a lot of stock into the thing and admitted that he did very little traditional marketing didn't even do a fraction of the business despite having something like 40,000 facebook friends.

    That guy was selling his service to other haunts to build up your page, but in the end how did that work out for him?

    Bottom line is traditional marketing is still your best bet, because social media changes way to much, and when I said kids aren't even using it anymore I meant that fully.. yes I'm no dummy I know kids still have facebook pages and maybe they do something with it from time to time but I know tons of kids and some haven't posted on their facebook in over a year. The kids are hooked on INSTAGRAM... that is the new thing.

    My son had 3 friends spend the night last night and all of them are instagraming all night long ... NO FACEBOOK!

    I can't say for sure that facebook will even be anything but an after thought in five years or less... we'll see. That is the beauty of technology it changes so fast peoples tastes change with it. You can't count on social media and I wouldn't put to much value in it to get you business because if you do you will LOSE YOUR HOUSE!

    Even though I strongly disagree with the previous guys comments I do agree with him on one thing... he said he's glad I got you thinking. This is a subject where perception is NOT reality... so even if you do disagree with me at least you are thinking maybe maybe not ... you should think it through very carefully.

    I want to put on the record that I like my facebook page I really do... and I put stuff up on it all the time but I don't believe it will really help me sell tickets because it won't.

    I'm putting EVERYTHING I have back into doing the one thing I KNOW WORKS... www.scarefest.com get traffic there and let the rest fall where it falls.

    Listen to me and you will do well... believe that some social media site is your savior and you will fall on your face. Having a free account for Facebook is great posting on it awesome, believing its a huge marketing windfall machine... MISTAKE!


  10. Default that previous guy?! 
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    Dec 2012
    With all due respect Larry, I respectfully disagree.

    First of all I am that previous guy you are referring to, Ed Roberts, founder of the Nightmare Factory in Salem Oregon. I've been off the boards for a long while dealing with family issues. (both parents have health issues.)

    That aside, Larry, there are a multitude of ways to get the word out about your haunt. Did you take the time to watch the video about social media I linked to?

    Facebook is only one of many social media sites that are being used to help promote events such has ours. To turn a blind eye any of them is not business smart. You have banners in your masthead asking people to go to your facebook page as well as your twitter account, so you do use these social media sites.

    I am now using, twitter, vine, instagram, photozap, facebook, pinterest and many others. We have started a socail media group that will handle all content for these sites.

    We also use google ad words, and some forms of SEO.

    Keep on plugging everyone, and have a great haunt season!

    Ed Roberts
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