Hello everyone, I write this with a little tear in my eye.....how wonderful everyone is here on this board!!! OK I know I get a little emotional but you all mean so much to me I can't help it. Here is my news..

CFX (Jonathan and the whole CFX crew) has graciously donated the mask!!!! Yes I know they rock!! I can't thank you enough for your compassion for this young man who so desperately wants to be a part of this community and who loves the haunt industry as much as we all do. And Austin you have gone above and beyond to help us get there, thank you! And Larry, you little bastard, who would have known that you too will send a DVD or two to help this young man get started. You're just an ol' sweetie!!! I think even Allen, our hero, will be sending a DVD his way. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this happen. You have man a young man's year believe me!! May this be the start of a fantastic haunt season for all of us. What a better way to start off ...by giving from the heart. Bless you all!!