The Beating Heart Machine is the first in a series of three custom Mad Scientist working machine props for sale.

Following in the series is the Live Brain Machine and the Zombie Amputation Machine. I'm going to build a limited number of each with a two week build time.


Each machine is a hand-crafted piece of artwork with a solid wood cabinet, LED lighted meters, heavy-duty glass enclosure, LED lighting, switches, knobs, custom circuit boards, servos, and motors. Custom painted and distressed. Built to last. The first two machines measure 14" x 14" x 28" high.

I'm still calculating my parts and materials costs so I should have pricing soon. I'm trying to see who is interested in one or all three machines.

I have a video of the heart machine operating that will be on YouTube soon.

Please email me at if interested.


Pumpkin Freak