Hey all, selling my Realflesh masks zombie with a pair of spfx gloves I have that match it near perfectly. The zombie has sparse hair and eyebrows and retails at $1149.00 plus shipping. The gloves I got with my vampire from spfx were painted by Rusty himself and have some beautiful purple vein work and it suits the zombie better then the vampire i got it with. I did the hairwork on the zombie myself and also sealed a tear that was on the chin when i got it. You have to look very hard to see the repair on it and its sealed professionally inside and out. Ive repaired many masks myself. Retail price between the two is $1799 plus shipping from both companies. I am asking $1499 on ebay, but would gladly sell this beautiful set for $1375 shipped including a headform and glove stuffers. This would make a perfect mask/glove set for any haunted attraction out there.
If you are interested, please email me at Jerryalmond01@hotmail.com or call or text me at 253-495-2142. CAM03911.jpgCAM03914.jpgCAM03916.jpgCAM03877.jpgCAM03879.jpg