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Thread: America Haunts 2013 question

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  1. Default America Haunts 2013 question 
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    Feb 2009
    Brilliant Ohio
    The new list of Scariest Haunts for 2013 is out. I recall being on the list for the inaugural City Blood Visitors Choice. Fans voted, we promoted the poll and won the first year. It was real and we were proud of it and Noah is a pretty good dude. However, America Haunts comes out in JULY. Some real nice haunts on the list and I hate to sound jealous or disrespectful of those listed, but, Ive heard this is bought and paid for. That, in my mind is a crock! I've heard the same with Top Haunts. Being on these list is and should be an honor. No else will say it on here so I will. My question is how much does a Haunt have to pay for this "honor"?
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    America Haunts is not a list. It is an organization, or association if you will of major professional Haunted Attractions. Membership is difficult to achieve, based on many factors and years often go by without any new members being added. This group and its members have been working for the good of the industry for years, and have originated or supported a huge amount of the positive media, television, events and education that have helped this industry.

    Lists pop up every year from a number of sources and like a critics list of movies they are the opinions of the lists originator and often have voting components, are localized, etc. Some have been around for years and are from major media sources and thus carry more weight and some pop up overnight from nowhere.

    Hope that clears up your question.
    Ben Armstrong

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    Aug 2003
    Luray, VA
    Good idea would be to form a similar loose association of haunts in your own state. I and some other haunt owners have been doing this in Virginia with Screamfreak.com. We have kept it very inclusive, and it has worked out pretty well so far.

    Louis Brown
    Owner, operator, and dish washer
    DarkWood Manor

  4. Default How Stupid can the public be? 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    This has been tested often.
    A newspaper article says a new haunt will be opening this October and the same story might also say that it was voted the Scariest Haunt!?
    Who voted? Supernatural entites? Forecasters of trends in fashions and colors?
    Maybe the only vote came from the Grandmother who just wrote Little "Billie" the check to rent the abandoned chicken coop from the neighbor?
    The serious part of this is basically, as I see it, the general public is NOT sTuPiD! But when they notice such stupid attempts coming from a "Business" I believe bad vibes, PR set up a field of negativity and phoney hype that hurts most of us, coming across seeming to be the First Cousin of a smake oil salesman who is prepared to gladly take their money for very little in return.. "What!? Again?"
    I do not try to ever make my haunt the scariest, even though it may terrify some unintentionally, since my house is open every night of the year and weekend afternoons my customers are many times tourists, curiosity seekers, sometimes with timid children and maybe even Grandma along.
    I really do love being referred to as someone's "Favorite" Haunt, and I have never paid anyone to print this or say it , either.. but it is for many.

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    Oct 2011
    Lexington, KY.
    Just a thought...but the America Haunts campaigns say "America's BEST haunted houses"...now, I'm not arguing that point because I do think those are the best haunt. However, your statement that it's not a list is false if this is what the AH marketing does. So, just splitting hairs here...but America Haunts IS in fact a list. And the one with the most money always calls the shots.

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    Aug 2011
    Remember the golden rule. He with the most gold makes all the rules.

    BUT, it's hard to argue that those are not the best haunts and as long as they lead the industry in a positive light, ultimately we all win.


  7. Default Reminds me of last years farce. 
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    Mar 2009
    We were sponsor of Michigan Screams (or something similar last year) with local radio promotion. Then came the assinine "vote for the best" contest. Before I even knew it was going on facebook was already lit up with "vote for my sisters, husbands, friends haunt as the best". AND VOTES WERE CAST BY PEOPLE WHO Had NEVER BEEN TO THE HAUNT THEY VOTED FOR!!!! But hey; they were voting for a friend of a friend though they never went. We posted on our website and facebook page we wanted no part of this nonsense and even though we were the main funder (read as sucker) for this radio promotion demanded our haunt was pulled from the contest. Checking out other haunts online there was the 'tell your friends to vote for us". One at least did say something along the lines of 'We hope you vote for us"

    Maybe the old farmer in me is just too damn down to earth for bullshit contests like that. The response we got from people who liked that we puled out of the nonsense was quite surprising! I even had people tell me when web surfing haunt websites; reading that we pulled out of that nonsense was what made them come try us. They are coming back this year they said...with lots of friends.

    Wicked Farmer

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    I hate these online vote polls, especially off season... No one is voting unless it is an owner or actors, and if you don't happen to notice they will vote against you for months. But you have to pay attention and it is just a drag. The only poll that really matters in the long run however is the line out your door, and as long as it grows every year you are doing something right!
    Ben Armstrong

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    Tyler we do not rank haunts within our group in numerical order, but we do market our group just as anyone might market a haunted house, and why not? For years we were very modest in fact, and have only begun to show a little more pride of late largely because of the fact that there are so many lists, and we have done quite a bit of work over many long years.. I think perhaps you may be mistaking us for some other lists..

    Ben Armstrong

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    Mar 2010
    Speaking as an owner/operator, not as a vendor, NO haunt should care about this list. It isn't necessarily about money, (although it helps) its about making sure the RIGHT people are on the list, with the professional looking shows who have the right connections and abilities to keep haunted houses in the thoughts of the public. As an industry, we need to respect and admire the people who make these "lists" happen. Each haunt on that list is something we want the public to view, we want the public to realize how much work, thought, creativity and passion goes into this business to put on a good show. It makes this niche seasonal industry stay ahead of the game and grows everyone as a whole. And at the end of the day, if that line keeps growing year after year the work each individual haunt owner along with the efforts of the group who puts out these massive PR publications we ALL win.

    I will never complain. I will only continue to try to achieve the level of quality and production value that these spotlighted attractions put out. We should all continue to push ourselves to the next level. None of us should settle for less and we all need to put out the quality shows it takes to make the public continue to love and show up for our events each and every year. WE ARE AN INDUSTRY. YOU ALONE ARE NOT THE INDUSTRY. THEY ALONE ARE NOT THE INDUSTRY. If we don't all strive to reach perfection in the public eyes we can never all succeed and reach our fullest potential!

    So a good season to all!

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