Since it was an 1870 INN & Tavern, Boarding House,School House, Apartment building,an Oldsmobile dealership, a great many things have happened here, and yes the original owner/builder did die in this house we recently discovered as we found some on-line newspaper accounts of his illness and subsequent death here(1880)
A wandering psychic told me 12 years ago there was one "Bad Ghost" in this house and he was called "Evil " Frank.
We recently discovered the original owner/builder had a Son named "Frank". Frank ran his own tavern named "The Ark" here after his Father died, then Frank dies about 10 years later,maybe in this house.
I was also told by some 85-90 yr. old citizens here that this was also a house of ill repute. (Whore House) which sure could also have created some very personal angst, in my opinion.
You want a ' haunted house '? (Original definition) I can talk a long time about about very odd and supernateral things that have actually happened here.