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FrightLite was named
"Runner up for Best New Product 2013" at Transworld by the Haunted House Association.
If you haven't seen or heard of it, FrightLite was created by a haunter for haunters. We've solved the age-old problem of: "I spend a lot of money on make-up artists & supplies or masks and appliances ONLY to put them in a dark haunted attraction where no one fully sees or appreciates them".
Until NOW!!

What Is FrightLite?

FrightLite, LLC

​Bring your actors out of the dark and heighten your horrors with FrightLite, the innovative new portable face illuminator.

​As the creative team behind the scenes of The Haunt -- West Michiganís premiere haunted attraction -- we know the frustration: you spend intense time and expense on actorsí dramatic mask and make-up effects, only to have them wasted in the dark.

​FrightLite (patent pending) solves the problem by illuminating those fearsome faces, triggered by a hand-held switch the actor controls.

​Click, light, scare! Then disappear, ghostlike, back into the darkness before the visitorsí screams have faded away.

​Safe and low-voltage, the battery-powered LED FrightLite is portable, resting comfortably on the actorís shoulders, so it can be used in corn mazes, haunted forests, on hay rides and in indoor haunted attractions. Itís available in both bright white and UV for black light effects.

​Save time and money on set decorating -- keep the room dark and let the sudden glimpse of illuminated horror do the scaring.

​Invented by The Hauntís owner, FrightLite was tested in 2012 at the popular attraction, which has hosted over 20,000 visitors annually for the past 12 years.

​"After two scream-filled nights, we knew we had a whole new way to scare."

Own an outdoor woods walk, corn maze or hay ride?? Try doing 3-D effectively....doesn't work. FrightLite solved this problem.

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