Today a woman going through my house (Ravens Grin) told me that her Husband is afraid of clowns (He wasn't here)
Of course this fact is nothing new to those of us in the haunt business, but then she added:"You know that cute Teddy Bear they advertise fabric softener with? He thinks that bear is drawn so cute and cartoonishly , that it could also be a "Clown"!
A clown hiding as a bear!?
Which makes yet another "clown" to fear (for the fearfull)

But then, maybe clown-fear began when many clowns were poor Irish imigrents? So many Irish had/have red hair (more redheads than any other country) that this fact became the reason so many clowns had red hair. The poor dress in sewn together patchwork clothes, and such odd bright patchwork costumes became the staple of many clown costumes.
So the poor with no money had the Red hair, and the odd looking clothes and didn't need to be spending that money on actual clown stuff! But, when cuddley Teddy Bears try to cut in on the established clowns "Action".. somebody will end up getting bit! Scratched, even!